Saraya Says The AEW Women’s Division Is Just Getting Started

Saraya is happy to be involved in a long term storyline.

Appearing on the Mark Hoke Show, Saraya was asked about the current state of the AEW women’s division, noting that the division is only just getting started.

“We have so much left in the tank. We’re just getting started. This is such a baby company, we still have so much to do. What I love being part of is, there is a real, long storyline. We like to call it ‘baking in an oven’ storyline, not a ‘microwave’ storyline where it’s very quick. We like to take our time with this. We’re having a ball. I feel really excited that I got to be part of something like this. It’s just going to get bigger and better. I’m going to end up taking a step back and letting someone else be part of a bigger storyline. I like that there is two going on right now. You have Jade Cargill and Taya Valkyrie, who I absolutely adore, I love that she’s been part of it. Jade is getting some challengers, real competitors coming in rather than beating, no offense to the extras, they’re awesome, but you know what’s going to happen. This girl that didn’t get an entrance, is she going to win against Jade? Probably not. It’d be awesome to see a shock though. It’s good to see her having Taya to go up against or whoever else wants to come in and take a shot at it. Hopefully us, I want to take all the championships. I want to be greedy,”


This Sunday, Jamie Hayter will defend her AEW Women’s World Title against Toni Storm, while Jade Cargill is the current TBS Champion and will also be defending her title vs Taya Valkyrie.

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