Kenny Omega Says Everyone Wants To See Him Break His Neck, His Back, His Pu**y And His Crack

Kenny Omega is hurting and healing after finding out what Matt Jackson did to him.

AEW Full Gear in 2021 resulted in a new AEW World Champion in the main event when Kenny Omega was hit by Hangman Page with the Buckshot Lariat to crown a new king of the AEW mountain. What many will remember about the end is the Young Bucks coming out, Matt Jackson giving a nod, seemingly giving his blessing and “betraying” the champion as he watched Page pin Omega to end their reign.

The last couple of weeks has been filled with chaos as the Elite (Omega and the Bucks) have been in an intense feud with the Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley, Wheeler Yuta, Bryan Danielson, and Ring Of Honor World Champion Claudio Castagnoli). The BCC would deliver an attack to Page which took the former champion out for over a month.

The Dark Order (John Silver, Alex Reynolds, and Evil Uno) who have been family to Page have teased their intentions of letting Omega know what happened at Full Gear in 2021 in regards to Matt’s secret. The feud with the BCC and drama with the Dark Order reached another level when Page returned on the May 17 episode of AEW Dynamite to reunite with The Elite again.

On the latest episode of Being The Elite, Silver, Reynolds, and Uno knew what needed to be done. Page was quiet since his return and the Dark Order noticed Page seemed to be happy, and they didn’t want to ruin that for him.

The trio of Dark Order finally decided it was time to squash the beef with the Elite. They walked into their locker, saw Page, Omega, and the Young Bucks singing their own version of “Baby Back Ribs.” Omega then got serious and apologized to Page, and both men seemed willing to work on their relationship.

Kenny Omega: I did some terrible shit back in the day and I don’t know if you’ll ever forgive me, and I don’t know if we can ever go back to the way things used to be, singing and all that goofy stuff that we just did. It’s fun, but I don’t know if you’ll ever be able to fully forgive me. I’m sorry.

Hangman Page: Yeah, me too. I don’t know. Maybe we won’t get back to this, maybe we won’t. Maybe it’s too late. We’ll do what we can.

KO: If it’s any consolation, it’s something I’m willing to work on.

HP: Me too.

KO: It’s what friends do, right?

Outside the locker, Reynolds, Uno, and Silver were getting ready to tell Omega. They slammed their way into the room and told Omega about Matt’s betrayal. The trio then left the room for another time, and Omega was bamboozled by Matt’s actions.

Alex Reynolds: You want to talk about honesty, Kenny? Full Gear, 2021. This motherfucker gave Hangman the nod and gave him his blessing to hit you with the Buckshot Lariat. You could still be AEW World Champion if it wasn’t for him.

KO: Do my ears deceive me? After all this time… Matt, when I was AEW Champion, when I needed to count on you the most out of anybody, when I thought I was all alone in this world, when everyone wanted to see me fall, slip, break my neck, break my back, my pussy and my crack, you could have done the unthinkable. So help me god, I don’t want to swear to you, Matt. You could have…

The camera would pan to Page going to the washroom, the sound drowned out the rest of Omega’s message. Page walked back in the room, Omega turned to him. He was seemingly agitated, but he viewed Matt’s actions as a sign of friendship. Omega also noted that he knew all along.

KO: Listen to me. You heard what this guy did? When you had the Buckshot Lariat on me, I was a bad guy back then. I wanted to give you one of these, double turkey, hold the mayo, knuckle-duster sandwich, I was gonna give that to you, and Matthew, Matt, what did you do? You could have gave Hanger a little yank. You could have done that, and you didn’t do it. After all this time, finally, these guys tell me the thing that I already knew. Matt, that took a lot of guys. This guy’s a real man. Your name should be Man Jackson because you’re a real man. All this time, you thought I wanted to take shortcuts? It was Hanger’s time. Hanger beat me fair and square. Here he is, all this time, thinking he was the weak link of The Elite. There was no gosh-darn weak link. He was ready to take the reigns, he was ready to be the champion, and you allowed it. Now that is friendship. If that isn’t friendship, I don’t know what the heck is.

Matt was relieved and claimed he knew what he was doing. He said he was not worried about it at all. Matt would go on to say that he felt a lot better and Page and Omega would praise him for his actions.

Matt Jackson: That’s why I went there and I did the right thing, Kenny, and I knew exactly what I was doing, and it didn’t stress me out for two years, I didn’t lose sleep over it, didn’t have anxiety attacks or anything. I knew exactly that that was the right thing to do in that moment. Get the little nod. This is great. I feel a lot better after that.

KO: No regrets, right? No remorse. Perfect.

HP: that took a lot to adjust that.

MJ: I admitted that like a man.

KO: you’re the best. Matt ‘The Man’ Jackson.

MJ: So I am the best friend.

The Elite will face Blackpool Combat Club in an Anarchy in the Arena match at AEW Double or Nothing.

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