Why All Elite Wrestling Needs Bret Hart

I previously talked about what is the biggest ‘what If?‘ ever in the history of professional wrestling, which was what if the Montreal Screw job never happened.

Who was the very man that introduced the All Elite Wrestling World Championship at the inaugural AEW Double or Nothing 2019? None other than Bret ‘the Hitman’ Hart.

Why does AEW need Bret?

Well other than the fact that he is “the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be” and that’s not just a catchphrase.

He can help bring creative ideas and valuable leadership to the current product and locker room. Not that the company needs it; as I feel AEW is hitting on all cylinders currently, heading into the biggest summer in the company’s history.

With All Elite Wrestling prepared to present its largest event in company history on 8/27/23 from Wembley Stadium in London, England, what better man to be in attendance than the man who headlined WWE SummerSlam ’92, Bret Hart.

However, it is unknown to me if Bret is still under a WWE legends contract or if he would be open to appearing in any capacity after his latest comments regarding the direction of both AEW and WWE.

Obviously, it would take really clever creative to force Bret back into an industry that has wronged him on so many levels in the past.

Today, I welcome you as I play a game of ‘what If?’ and present a creative idea that I think just might work and could help revitalize the industry as a whole.

Look at me mama, I’m makin’ some noise!

Tom Petty

The 6/17 debut episode of AEW Collision is reportedly to be taking place in CM Punk’s hometown of Chicago, IL at the United Center. What better place for CM Punk to shock the world and turn heel on his own hometown than at the premiere edition of AEW Collision. So now I know what you’re thinking, how are they going to do that, Punk is beloved in Chicago. Two words. Bret Hart.

Bret could absolutely be the catalyst in helping CM Punk turn heel on his own city and country. Now you’re asking yourself, where do they go from there? Well Don Callis shockingly attacked and turned on his own Kenny Omega on the 5/10/23 edition of AEW Dynamite.

There you have it, CM Punk, Bret Hart, Don Callis, and throw in FTR and a new Brian Pillman Jr. and you have a readymade feud with The Elite all summer long and a new star-studded faction to go along with it. Not to mention the Owen Hart Foundation tournament kicks off at Double or Nothing this year and will conclude at Owen’s hometown of Calgary, Alberta on 7/15/23.

We all make mistakes, trust me, in my life I’ve made my share of mine. However, a wiseman once said….

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Albert Einstein

With that being said, what if Shawn and Bret could have worked through their differences? And, what if CM Punk and The Elite can work through their differences? In my honest humble opinion, if this could happen and that’s a big if because there appears to be genuine heat there, we could see a spike in business to the likes we haven’t seen since the 90’s.

Are you ready for it? I know I am.

For those that didn’t know Bret Hart recently opened a bar in February of this year.

Bret also recently condemned deathmatch wrestling.

On the 5/17 edition of AEW Dynamite, Tony Khan announced the first four out of six dates for AEW Collision in Canada.

Why AEW’s next media rights deal is so important to the industry.

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