Tommy Dreamer Sees Dawkins As A Heel And Wants The Street Profits To Split Up

Tommy Dreamer, former WWE superstar, believes that The Street Profits should break up but does not want them to turn on one another. Since their “WWE NXT” debut in 2016, Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford have been a tag team in the WWE.

On “Busted Open Radio,” Dreamer discussed the 2023 WWE Draft and mentioned that he is a great admirer of The Street Profits but would like to see them given the chance to be singles stars.

“I would like to see — and I’m a big fan of them, I think they have so much charisma — I would like to see The Street Profits break up,” said Dreamer. “They don’t need to turn on each other, though I think Dawkins could be a great heel, [I] don’t want to see them feud [against each other].” 

Tommy Dreamer via Busted Open Radio

The legendary hardcore wrestler then gave his reasoning for wanting the Triple Crown Tag Team Champions to follow their own path.

“I want to see them go away from each other just because they’ve done so much. They didn’t ever win the big ones, and I know that there’s new tag team champions, everyone’s talked about the star quality of Montez Ford,” stated Dreamer. “I just think that it’s time to put them up in two separate brands, and if they don’t succeed, you do a Dudley Boyz and bring them back together, but apart, we want to see something because WWE needs new superstars, and not new superstars within the developmental system.”

Tommy Dreamer via Busted Open Radio

He believes that Ford and Dawkins both have the capacity to become major solo stars. The first night of the WWE Draft is scheduled to air on this week’s “WWE SmackDown,” while the second day is scheduled for next week’s “WWE Raw.”

h/t Wrestling Inc

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