Dana White Says No Crossovers Will Happen Between The WWE and UFC Any More Than It Already Has

Fans are still reeling from the news that broke on Monday, April 3 regarding the sale of WWE to Endeavor, the company that owns UFC.

Although many things about the future of WWE are still not clear, UFC owner Dana White is putting some of the wild rumors to bed.

In a interview with AP Sports on April 7, White said that they’re wont really be any type of crossover between the two combat sports entities.

In another interview on April 7 with The Pat McAfee show, White expanded on the idea, saying that it won’t happen any more than it already has.

“Not really. It wouldn’t happen any more than it has, regardless of the relationship. When you have people who were interested in becoming professional wrestlers, it was something that I was never really against anyway. If that’s what they wanted to do and they felt like their career was winding down and they were talented enough to do it, and the WWE was actually interested in them, I never had a problem with that. But when you talk about guys coming over here in the UFC, Brock is definitely a one of one. He wrestled at a high level collegiate, he’s a big dude, he’s agile for being as big as he is, and he came over here and he won the title. There’s not gonna be any of that type of crossover.”

White also went on to put another rumor to bed that the UFC might also become pre-determined, just like WWE.

Then you have all the dummies online, ‘Oh, now this is all gonna be fake, too.’ We’re sanctioned by the athletic commissions in every state, you morons. The government oversees us. They got the judges, they got the referees, and you can gamble on this. Nothing is gonna change. It’s exactly the same. The parent company can deliver a lot of things to both businesses. If you’re a guy like Ari, and we’re going into re-negotiations with arenas, Ari has the UFC, the WWE, PBR, and lots of other things. Also when you talk about re-negotiating television rights, this company is an absolute powerhouse now.”

h/t from Fightful.

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