Opinion: XPW Proud of ‘Triggering Woke Fans’…and Nobody Cares

If an independent pro wrestling company tries a stunt to ‘shock’ people, but nobody is there to see it…does it make headlines?

Well, in this case, yes it does. For some reason, XPW Wrestling – based out of Los Angeles, California – has decided that attempting stunts involving the insertion of a syringe into a man’s penis and featuring a known abuser wasn’t enough to get the attention they’re seeking.

Now, they’re openly antagonizing what little of their fanbase they have left by utilizing the much-overused, and usually misunderstood vernacular of Conservative Republicans in response to criticisms.

Stop us if you’ve heard this one…

An organization is failing because they don’t actually produce content that people enjoy. So they try stunt after stunt attempting to garner attention. When that doesn’t work, they opt to throw out words like ‘woke’ and ‘triggered’ (even though they don’t know what those words actually mean) in an attempt to alienate fans even further.

This scenario could be applied to a wide array of organizations and individuals (or, like, podcasters who continue to get kicked off networks) but in the case of XPW it’s just the latest move in a series of actions designed to garner attention for themselves.

In addition to turning previously beloved Independent Wrestling legend Necro Butcher into the ‘MAGA Butcher,” XPW owner Rob Black has also created a stable of MAGA supporters, continually features former WWE referee Drake Wuertz (who spends the rest of his time at school board meetings), and more.

Last night, during a show in Newark, New Jersey, the company featured independent wrestler G-Raver, who is in the middle of a court case after being found slumped in his car because he, admittedly, snorted ’10 bags of heroine.’

G-Raver is also accused of assaulting an epileptic woman.

The show also featured a spot in which one wrestler used a syringe on another wrestler’s penis. Reactions to the spot have been…mixed, to say the least.

So! Instead of actually crafting an entertaining wrestling show, owner Rob Black continues to feature stunts that nobody cares about, and wrestlers that nobody else would hire.

When faced with criticism for featuring alleged women beaters, XPW opted to consult the ‘MAGA Handbook of Insults.’

Currently, the tweet has 167 Likes and 23 Retweets.

What XPW fails to realize is that wrestling fans aren’t ‘triggered’ by what the company is producing…they’re bored.

Undoubtedly, XPW will use this article and any other forms of criticism to infer that what they’re doing is working, but that’s simply not the case. Like a toddler screaming in the corner, attention doesn’t necessarily equate to interest. People love car crashes…and then they keep driving and forget about it five minutes later. XPW is trying to be ECW, or CZW. What they don’t realize (or maybe they do), is that they’re not even CYN…at least that company had Strowman.

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