Kurt Angle Believes Brock Lesnar Leaving WWE Is Linked To Triple H Being In Charge Of Creative

Brock Lesnar carried over his dominance to the UFC, where he became the UFC Heavyweight Champion before returning to conquer the squared circle again. In time, he grew more dangerous than he was before. During his second run with WWE, he became a multi-time World Champion.

However, since Triple H took over creative control of the company, Lesnar hasn’t been his dominant self and is often found at the losing end of his matches. This has caused many fans to believe that Triple H might cause Brock to retire from the ring.

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle addressed this in a recent interview with Rewind Recap Relive where he said that Brock is ready to quit, but it won’t be because of Triple H. The way Angle sees it, Triple H’s control of WWE creative could move Lesnar out.

“You know what, Triple H is a great leader. He’s a great boss. I don’t have a problem with him. I don’t think anybody has a problem with him. Vince was different, yeah. Vince was unique. He was one of a kind, nobody else like him, cared very much about his talent so does Triple H though.

I mean, I’m not gonna knock Triple H because if anybody was gonna replace Vince it was gonna be Triple H and Stephanie. And you know, that’s basically what they did. So, I don’t think Triple H is the reason why Brock’s retiring. I don’t believe that for second. I just believe that Brock’s had enough. He’s ready to quit. He’s ready to retire.”

Kurt Angle

Brock retiring from the ring might be a very sad day for the WWE fans who have grown very fond of the Beast Incarnate over the years. We will have to wait and see if and when Lesnar decides to call it quits.

H/T to Ringside News

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