CMLL Announce 2023 Men’s & Women’s CMLL Universal Championship Tournaments.

New CMLL Universal Champions are set to be crowned.

Through their social media, CMLL announced that they will host their annual tournament to crown the 2023 Universal Champion throughout the month of April.

The tournaments consists of all the promotion’s participants facing each other in a tournament, with the winner of the Tournament being crowned the 2023 Universal Champion. The first Eliminator will take place on 4/7/2023, with all of CMLL’s Historic Champions facing each other. Night 2 (4/14/2023) will have all the National Champions facing each other, while Night three of Eliminators (4/21/2023) will have the World Champions facing each other in eliminators. The winners of each night will face each other in Night Four (4/28/2023) in the Tourney Final to determine the winner & crown the 2023 CMLL Universal Champion.

The last edition of these tournaments was won by Lluvia & current NWA World Historic Middleweight Champion Mistico, who won it as Caristico during the previous tournament. The full list of current champions is listed below.

Historic Champions.

NWA World Historic Light Heavyweight Champion: Atlantis Jr.
NWA World Historic Welterweight Champion: Rocky Romero.
NWA World Historic Middleweight Champion & 2022 CMLL Universal Champion: Mistico.
National Champions

Mexican Heavyweight Champion: Sagrado.
Mexican Light Heavyweight Champion: Angel de Oro
Mexican Middleweight Champion: Dragon Rojo Jr.
Mexican Welterweight Champion: Magia Blanca.
Mexican Lightweight Champion: Panterita del Ring Jr.
Mexican Tag Team Champions: Esfinge & Fugaz.
Mexican Trios Champions: Los Dulces Atrapa Sueños (Dulce Gardenia, Rey Cometa & Espiritu Negro).
Mexican Women’s Champion: Dark Silueta.
Mexican Women’s Tag Team Champions: Lluvia & Jarochita.
World Champions.

CMLL World Heavyweight Champion: Gran Guerrero.
CMLL Lightweight Champion: Barbaro Cavernario.
CMLL Middleweight Champion: Templario.
CMLL Welterweight Champion: Titan.
CMLL Lightweight Champion: Stigma.
CMLL Tag Team Champions: Los Ingobernables (Angel de Oro & Niebla Roja).
CMLL Trios Champions: Los Infernales (Euforia, Mephisto & Hechicero).
CMLL Women’s Champion: Princesa Sugehit.
CMLL Mini-Champion: Mercurio.*
CMLL Micro-Champion: Gemelo Diablo I.*

*Not confirmed if Micro & Mini wrestlers will participate.

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