Karrion Kross: Be It Carrion or Raven

The sudden return of Karrion Kross in 2022 under the Triple H regime of WWE was met with uncertain expectations.

Who could blame the fans for not knowing what this would bring? Kross’s treatment during his previous time in WWE was met with…mixed results. Being treated as a big deal in NXT, he was given a presentation that gave him a monstrous aura – an undefeatable villain, like Ivan Drago in Rocky IV. I still remember him pulling Dominik Dijakovic away from Keith Lee like a horror movie monster before finishing him off. While there were some missteps, he felt like a big deal. 

Then, the main roster happened – losing to Jeff Hardy while still NXT champion, not having wife Scarlett accompany him, being dressed as some weird BDSM Power Ranger from Hell, and his unceremonious termination from the company. How could we buy it?

Well, since his reemergence on Friday Night Smackdown, there’s been a smaller story playing in the midst of his feuds that some are starting to pick up on. 

One day, I was taking a casual scroll through the hollow, dark depths of the usual Twitter timeline, when someone had pointed out the fact that ever since Kross and Scarlett sat their hourglass on the ring mat in front of The Bloodline, things started to go wrong for the Samoan stable. 

Correct, for Jey Uso had started to act more rebellious again, and Sami Zayn would find himself into the Anoa’i family. Kevin Owens would arrive, sowing seeds of dissension, even if unintended, to drive Sami to attack Roman and shatter The Bloodline. Jey has since seemingly departed from the group.

Roman Reign’s family was not his only target, however, as he also set his sights on Drew McIntyre, following his loss to The Tribal Chief at Clash at the Castle. This may have taken a while to set in, as Drew was firmly in the accompaniment of Sheamus and his Brawling Brutes, but as WrestleMania 39 drew nearer and nearer, Drew and Sheamus’s desire for gold would conflict them against one another as both seek to fight the dominant reigning champion Gunther, and end his monumental run. Karrion Kross may not have gotten the final win over Roman in their feud, but he brought along a darkness that is taking something from Drew that might be recovered, but will still bring him the pain of a friendship broken.

Madcap Moss would join this cast of people in Karrion’s way, but as of yet, he hasn’t reached turmoil yet, aside from losing in pathetic fashion, again and again against the inevitable path. Moss, a defiant babyface, would lose quickly and decisively each successive time. Perhaps he is cursed with the urge to stop the unstoppable, perhaps he’s afflicted with a dangerous desire to lose, perhaps he has to deal with the fate of being named Madcap Moss. Either way, the sands of time continue to fall like snow to winter.

As of late, Kross’s current rivalry pits him against the legendary luchador and one of the best wrestling talents in the entire world, Rey Mysterio. Like a true supervillain, Kross played mind games, but either way – the hourglass shatters for Rey, as his career is soon to wind down to an end. What’s worse, is that Rey’s excursion to Smackdown in an attempt to avoid his own son, Dominik, is now all for naught. Dom would be flanked by his “Mami” Rhea Ripley as she approaches Smackdown weekly to live rent-free in the mind of her WrestleMania opponent, Charlotte Flair.

This means Dom would find Rey and make his life miserable just like on Monday Night Raw. No matter how much Rey runs from his rogue offspring, he can’t overcome his own hesitation to harm the person he raised from birth. Karrion’s curse makes Rey face love, fear, and heartache as Dominik’s hunt refuses surcease; the harbinger for bad luck has already left his mark.

Aside from my joking inclusion of Madcap Moss, Kross seems to serve as a “black cat” of WWE, leaving bad luck in the wake of his path. That even if you survive, or even win, there’s a tragic fate this man brings. I personally feel this is an intriguing gimmick, so long as it isn’t drawn attention to – let us garner that for ourselves.

To avoid this craven lunacy, all one must do is fall and pray, or they will fall as prey.