Riho: They Fear Her

They fear her, that woman Riho
They fear her, that force of Riho
Cowering together
Panic and doubt overwhelm their feeble heads
Be they strong, they know
Whispering together
In worry of her lacey wrists
Or her pink skirt, in their midst
The oncoming sensation of Death’s Kiss
Be they main event star or midcard dweller

Though she moves and performs in ways stellar,
Riho strikes before her opponent knows what befell her;

Titans have moved from her in fright
Monsters part like the sea from her path
Her strikes – as they know – are swift and are hard
These violent souls quiver at her presence
That woman Riho
The force that is RIho.

Destruction and misery in eyes of brown
Unbefitting of the sweet and cute smile
Before the speed and strength casts you down;
There, the eyes are
Focused, as this will take awhile
There, where she debuted in Shinagawa
There, the voices are
Begging for the grace of Gaia
Mercy, mercy from her hostile –
One that would leave them mar

Raised in the church of Ice Ribbon,
Baptized at the age of nine
Worshiping the spirit of professional wrestling
The gold would sit on her waist, tag or Triple Crown
Whether in conference or in Korakuen Hall,
In the squared circle
They all would meet an untimely fall
So unrelenting –

Yet she be no angel nor devil, delivering to Plutonian Shore;
A human, who all from beyond must fear, for she is volatile

Lonely figure, she fought in DDT
Battling man and woman for all to see
Here she met with an alpha in Omega
Here she sought violence to be in demand
With a Cleaner by her side in a team
Never resting, for only God rested on the Seventh Day

So brief would be Riho’s time
Suffering silently, appearing so docile
Walking alone
Hour after hour, day after day
This place was her unheavenly crypt

‘Till Omega called, and she no longer slept;
Crushing her Elite prey like ape with stone

There she is, wrestling’s daughter
She’s gathered her victims in a row
Preparing them for the slaughter
No matter how elite the elite,
With her elbow, she took the gold
Proving more dominant than Native Beast

For a while she held her gold
Eviscerating, maining, disfiguring
WIth reckless abandon and no mercy
Nary an emotion, nor wit behind those eyes

Home may beckon her, Riho
But she comes again and again
A perpetual beacon of threat
Kick, stomp, knee
Concussive warrior of death’s twilight
The hope only
Fades from nothingness

Here we are, in the center of the ring and its ding
Ring-a-ding, ring-a-ding
Here we are on the mat in a pin of the ring and its ding
At her place on the card.

Riho’s fluidity exists
In a place between
Reality and idea
The action meets the motion
As she strikes bright in the shadow

This is her chalice of which she drinks

Since her conception, Riho bore
The burden of professional wrestling
She’s measured the room and knows the score
Dictated by the crowd response
And her violently beating heart within

This won’t take her very long

The heart beats and breath grows short
Extraction has been made – victory secure
Opponent lies bare, in spasms and potency
Folly of their own desire but lack of will
Legions lined up like a conveyor belt for the kill
Only to be met with her on top of the hill

For this is her Kingdom of war

They fear her, Riho
Champion of the world
They respect Riho

Such is her mission, such is her glory
Such is her mission, such is her glory
Such is her mission, such is her glory
Bell to bell, limb from limb, ’til the soul’s wrung.