Liv Morgan Says Sarah Logan’s Son Makes It Difficult To Prepare For Matches

Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan are close friends in real life. They developed a strong bond during their time as members of The Riott Squad on WWE TV. Despite Logan’s departure from WWE in 2020, she returned to the company in late 2022.

Naturally, fans were glad to see Sarah Logan make her return to the company last year. While speaking with Ryan Satin on Out Of Character, Liv Morgan talked about her WWE career.

During the discussion, Liv Morgan talked about her relationship with Sarah Logan’s son, Raymond Cash Rowe. Morgan stated that Logan’s son keeps getting involved in their match preparation. Apparently, he won’t let her do anything, especially if a crash pad is involved.

“It’s good to see Cash every week. He does not let me do anything. Okay, so he loves the crash pad, right? And so, when we are playing on the crash pad, he’s playing on the crash pad. And then when I’ll go to stand on it, he’ll grab my hand and walks me off of it. And he’s like, ‘NO!’ And then, last week, in the live events, we’re playing in the ring. And I barrel-rolled in the ring, and I rolled to his feet. And he, like, rolled me out. [Laughing] Like, he doesn’t want me involved in anything.”

Liv Morgan

With Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan reunited on the same brand, the two friends are likely enjoying their time together. Fans of Logan hope to see her given a more prominent role in the near future.

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