Tony Khan Explains How He Changed His Booking To Focus More On Storytelling

Tony Khan reveals how he has changed his method of booking to aid not only storytelling, but organization as well.

Tony has seen much criticism for his method of booking, but it is worth noting the president of AEW has only been booking for around four years. Khan would discuss how he has responded to this criticism by putting a closer eye on storytelling and organization while speaking to WTF With Marc Maron.

“I had a process, I already had a schedule of what I had planned week to week in different stories with different matches and segments. At some point, I just inverted it. I realized I should tip this over. Instead of looking at the dates and building it out, I kind of flipped what the column was and what the rows were, and put the columns where the rows were, and now I organize everything like this since Full Gear and now I feel like I’m more organized, even though it’s all the same information, it’s just looking at it differently. It really helps,” Khan said on WTF With Marc Maron while showing Maron and his co-host his booking sheet.

When it was mentioned that Khan’s sheet looked like a storyboard used for many mediums of entertainment, Khan said, “I was already doing that, and we kind of had that, but I had it the other way where it was looking at the shows and I had where the columns were, and out here were the different wrestlers and stories. For some reason, and I don’t know why, it shouldn’t make that big of a difference flipping it. The flow, working down the page, it looks a lot better and works a lot better. It’s basically the same thing I was doing, I just flipped the page around, and it’s helped me be even more organized.”

This week’s edition of AEW Dynamite is a story heavy show, with almost every match on the show with a background story as to why the matches are occurring. We will have to wait and see if this will continue to be a trademark of upcoming AEW Programming.

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