Charlotte Flair Requested Entrance Music Change Before Her Return

Charlotte wanted to return with flair.

The 14-time World champion returned to the tune of new entrance music. Charlotte Flair asked for the change before her return and felt the time was right to embrace a new theme song, despite warning the WWE officials that she was not okay with change.

Charlotte Flair initially felt good about the new music but felt very different walking out to it upon her return to SmackDown. Flair felt the song was too slow and was worried that the fans would think it was her dad coming out. She spoke about this during an interview with The New York Post.

“My last music hit with the guitar off the bat,” she said. “I’m such an EDM, techno, house-music person. That was the vibe that I wanted. I was like, ‘this needs to come out strong.’ At first, when I first heard it, I was ‘oh this is cool,’ but when it played out on the night I came back I was like, ‘Oh no, we got to go back to the writing board.’”

Charlotte Flair

The latest version of Charlotte Flair’s new entrance music feels more like a remix of her original theme, with “All Hail The Queen” being added to the mix. We can surely say that Charlotte is in full favor of this new part of her presentation and won’t be asking for another change anytime soon.

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