Update On Ethan Case Injury

We have an update.

Earlier today, we posted about independent wrestler Ethan Case who suffered a spinal injury of unknown origin during a match on January 21, 2022 at Title Belt Pro’s inaugural show in Charlotte, North Carolina. Ethan was transported to CMC Hospital in Charlotte by ambulance, where he has been admitted to determine the extent of his injury. Now, his family has given an update on Instagram.

Ethan Case update: We drove to Charlotte today to check in and found him in good spirits (in the hallway lol) with a lot still up in the air.

Here’s an update from Morgan:

“After being placed in a hallway from 2:30am until 2:30 pm today we FINALLY have our own room. (thank goodness, trying to keep him comfortable in a hallway was challenging ) PT and orthopedic doctors have come in and evaluated him. They were able to get him up in a standing position, unfortunately he can not feel any movement in his left leg and right arm still and getting up was extremely painful for him. With assistance they had him up with a walker with hopes of working some mobility into that leg. As of right now unfortunately walking is not an option for him, and the team has decided it would NOT be in his best interest or safety to allow him to leave. Transportation to another facility is still on the table, the trauma team is just trying to figure out what is going to be the most beneficial for him. For now the hospital is our home. Thank you for all the outpouring love, prayers, and support. He is very discouraged at the moment but, soon he will be able to read everything so please keep sending all the positive words and encouraging him to not give up and to keep on fighting!! I love you all.”

– Instagram

A GoFundMe has opened up for Ethan which you can donate to here. We wish the best for his recovery!

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