Effy Urges Fans to Support Wrestling Companies That Don’t Behead Gay People

Photo Credit: Nick Perkins

The news that WWE has been sold to the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund is sending shockwaves throughout the professional wrestling industry. While it has yet to be confirmed by WWE, multiple outlets have reported the news, and stated that the plan is to take the company private.

Whether this means that Vince McMahon can retake his seat at the head of the WWE table or not remains to be seen.

Speaking of heads, Saudia Arabia cuts them off as a form of capital punishment.

Reasons for beheadings are vast and varied. They’re used as forms of execution for a number of crimes, including but not limited to: murder, rape, drug offences, being an American journalist, and, yes, for being gay.

Homosexuality is a crime in Saudi Arabia; one punishable by death, even.

“Relations between people of the same sex — whether men or women — can be tried as capital crimes in Saudi Arabia,” USA Today wrote. “Terrorism crimes are also capital offenses in Saudi Arabia. The punishment can also be flogging, but that depends on the perceived seriousness of the wrongdoing. The sentence for first-time offenders is often lashing or some prison time, while those caught more than once can be executed.”

Such was the case in 2019 when five men were beheaded after confessing to being gay. These confessions were, according to Metro, ‘extracted under torture.”

“Five of the 37 men beheaded by Saudi Arabia were gay, according to a confession heard by the Sharia law court,” Metro wrote. “The country sparked outrage several days ago for the mass execution of the men, who were mainly minority Shia Muslims. Human rights groups have complained that confessions of terrorism and spying for Iran were obtained through torture.”

Now that the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund is rumored to have purchased WWE, it’s understandable that many of the company’s LGBTQ+ community members may have concerns.

One wrestler that is speaking out against the company’s sale is Effy. Effy is an independent wrestling standout; one that isn’t afraid to speak his mind. And that’s exactly what he did on Tuesday after news of Saudi Arabia purchasing WWE came to light.

“Please support wrestling companies not owned by governments that murder and behead gay people!” Effy wrote on his Twitter page. “Most of them aren’t but now you have to make a distinction.”

LGBTQ+ wrestlers with WWE aren’t the only ones who may be in a unique situation. Wrestlers such as Sami Zayn, who is Muslim and is of Syrian descent, may also be forced out of the company due to its owners’ politics and religious beliefs. Of course, these are just rumors and hearsay at this point. The WWE hasn’t even confirmed that they have been sold to Saudi Arabia. But if they are, the talent may be forced to make some big decisions in the coming weeks, months, and years.

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