UCW Seasons Beatings 2 – 12/18/22 – Asheville, NC

Urban Combat Wrestling presented Seasons Beatings 2 on Sunday Night December 18th, 2022 from HiWire Brewery in Asheville, North Carolina.

The event is the second of a winter monthly winter series that will be held at HiWire brewery. will be in attendance for all UCW events and will provide coverage here and live pics and coverage on our social media.

Below are quick results for UCW Seasons Beatings 2:

  • White Claw Outlaws (Kay Holiday & Chad Bartlett) vs. Zay Vega & Cooper Housley
    Zay Vega leaves Cooper by himself. WCO wins by cheating, after Kay hits Cooper with a running knee which he had loaded up with a chain that was handed to him by AC Redick. Ref Gail comes out and informs the official of the shenanigans and reverses the decision. AC Redick loses it, makes a challenge which Gozzie accepts. Gozzie reminds everyone that AC has to wear a dress if he loses.
    Winner: Cooper Housley & Zay Vega
  • AC Redick vs. Gozzie
    Gozzie wins via roll up. AC goes off on the ref from the apron. Ref Gail hard ways AC Redick back in the ring and beats his ass, and leaves him motionless after hitting him with a DDT. The rest of the White Claw Outlaws come out and have to carry him out of the ring to the back.
    Winner: Gozzie
  • Cleavage Claus comes out to put over Christmas and toss candy canes to the crowd, but she is interrupted by The Pink Gang who say they are here to SAVE Pinkmas.
  • Khan O’Kelly & Olivia Devine vs. Pink Gang (Kaydin Pierre & Beau Bombshell) w/Scene Nick
    Khan O’Kelly and Olivia get the win. Following the match Pink Gang attempts to get back at O’Kelly and Olivia, but eventually Beau Bombshell is left at the mercy of Khan and Olivia.
    Winner: Khan O’Kelly & Olivia Devine
  • Ebony Tower (Mook Massacre & Sledge Gibson) vs. The Faction (Wild Bill & Jeff Connelly)
    Solid match, lots of back and forth. The Faction try and use dirty tactics to get the advantage, but eventually the Ebony Tower go over and pick up the win. Jeff Connelly reminds everyone after the match that he has merch for sale.
    Winner: Ebony Tower (Mook Massacre & Sledge Gibson)
  • White Mike vs. Draco
    Really good match. Lots of back and forth between the two, with lots of interaction with the fans. Crowd LOVES White Mike. Draco misses the Swanton, Mike peppers him with punches. Draco goes for a kick but White Mike is too smart for that and catches him and just rolls him up for the pin. White Mike celebrates around the ring thanking the fans (and the troops) after the match.
    Winner: White Mike
  • Shane Bryan & The Warden vs. Allen Brody & Joshua Cutshall
    Cutshall and Brody win by DQ due to outside interference by Zay Vega. Following the match The Warden, Shane Bryan and Zay Vega jump Brody and Cutshall. However, White Mike leaves the merch table (and a pending sale) to makes the save. White Mike, Brody, and Cutshall run them off as White Mike issues a challenge for next months show at HiWire Brewery for a six man tag match.
  • Cleavage Claus comes back out to close the night and finishing giving out gifts but is once again interrupted, this time by the White Claw Outlaws.

UCW returns to Hiwire Brewery in Asheville, North Carolina on Sunday night January 22nd, 2023 for “Laugh Now, Cry Later”.