Preston “10” Vance Turns On The Dark Order, Joins La Faccion Ingobernable On AEW Rampage – 11/25/22

What have you done, 10?!

AEW Rampage kicked off at a special start time of 4PM EST. RUSH, Butcher and The Blade took on Jon Sliver, Alex Reynolds and 10 in the main event. Well, kind of. 10 did not enter to the ring with Dark Order and didn’t come out to the ring until the very end of the match. For essentially being a handicap match, The Dark Order were holding their own. That was until 10 ran out, acted like he was facing off with RUSH, then hit the nasty discus clothesline to Silver. A move that was handed down to him by the late great Brodie Lee. RUSH has been trying to recruit the now Preston Vance for weeks upon weeks and now, he did the deed.

Following helping RUSH win, Vance and RUSH beat down Evil Uno who ran down to ringside following the attack. Vance ripped his mask half off and left him laying bloody in the middle of the ring. RUSH and Vance then choke-slammed Reynolds through a table at ringside.

Vance then walked up the ramp where Brodie Lee’s son, -1, was standing and took his own mask off, throwing it at the crying child’s feet.

Is this the end of the Dark Order?

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