Rohit Raju Says Danhausen Is A Superstar, Ace Austin Is The Future

Who doesn’t love a game of word association?

Rohit Raju is one of the hottest free agents right now after leaving IMPACT Wrestling. But, what does he think about everyone else? Rohit spoke with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful where they played a game of word association. First up, he was asked about Jordynne Grace.

Man, powerhouse. Absolute powerhouse. Also, I’m a huge fan of fitness so I love how she’s transformed her body. She looked great before, now she looks even better now. Absolute killing machine. Jordynne’s great. We do need to have a singles, though. That has to happen. Just so I can drop you on your dome and scream ‘Equality’ again,

– Rohit Raju via Fightful

Raju was a former X-Division champion and he gave his thoughts on another former X-Division champion, Ace Austin. Raju went as far to call him the future.

Fantastic. Future of professional wrestling right there. Love that guy. Just oozes, just so smooth in the ring. It’s ridiculous how good he is and how effortless he makes everything look,

– Rohit Raju via Fightful

Rocky Romero was also mentioned and Rohit was quick to call him the GOAT.

GOAT. Rocky’s one of the GOATs. One of the greatest, genuine people I ever met. When I got to see him again, big hug from Rocky. Just awesome. You can feel it. When someone gives you a hug like that, you can feel they give a shit, you know what I mean? It was good. Genuine dude,

– Rohit Raju via Fightful

As for Danhausen, Rohit had only one wordhausen.


– Rohit Raju via Fightful

It’s hard to disagree with anything Rohit said!

H/T Fightful

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