Ricky Steamboat Reveals He Was Supposed To Face FTR Before They Turned Face

Ricky Steamboat is coming back.

Legendary wrestling star Ricky ”The Dragon” Steamboat is returning at Big Time Wrestling on November 27th. Steamboat will team up with FTR to face “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal, Brock Anderson, and a mystery partner. This is Steamboat’s first match since he teamed up with his son, Richie, to defeat The Dudebusters (Caylen Croft & Trent Barreta) at an FCW show in 2010. While speaking with Nick Hausman of Wrestling Inc., Steamboat detailed how he was initially supposed to face FTR in his return to the ring before AEW turned them face. As a result, Ricky will team with the duo instead.

This [match], for me to make a final, final decision was three or four months in the making. I just didn’t jump on it the first time I was approached from Big Time Wrestling and I have an agent guy, Tony Hunter, who also works with Big Time Wrestling, and when I was first approached, but FTR, when I was first approached were heels. They were going to be two guys on the other side of the ring that I was going to be wrestling. AEW turned them babyfaces, turned them good guy. So they said, ‘We can’t have heels working against you, Ricky, you’re a baby face. So what would you think if we had them as your partners?’

– Ricky Steamboat via Wrestling INC

Ricky was on board with FTR and didn’t mind the change. He also admits that he has no idea who the mystery opponent is.

I thought it was great too because they were at the school [for] WWE, back in the day when I was a trainer and I’d work with them in the ring and I know they’re good hands and I’m glad how they’ve grown in the business with AEW. So the adversaries, the Jay Lethal and then Old Arn Anderson’s boy, Brock and they still got a mystery partner and I haven’t been privy to the mystery partner. Can you believe this? It’s coming up this week,

– Ricky Steamboat via Wrestling INC

Who will be the mystery opponent for Ricky? we’ll see on November 27th!

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