Jim Ross On ’Jungle Boy’ Jack Perry: This Kid Has Such A Bright Future

Jungle Boy has now added Jack Perry to his name, a thing that JR first started.

While everyone called him Jungle Boy, Jim Ross was calling him Jungle Jack Perry. At the time, a lot of people criticized Jim for saying this, but now, ’Jungle Boy’ Jack Perry has transitioned to using the name regularly. Speaking on Grilling JR, Jim Ross commented on the name change and the moment he shared with Jack Perry and his family at AEW Full Gear.

He can’t be Jungle Boy forever. This kid has such a bright future, in my opinion, he’s working hard, getting stronger, filling out. He’s young. I had a real nice moment with him, his mom, and his sister after the show. They were fawning over him, as they should, and I told his mom how proud I was of him and I think that meant a lot to them. He does mean a lot to me. I think he’s a nice kid. He was well-raised, good parenting, she has a hell of a talented son,

– JR via Grilling JR

‘Jungle Boy’ Jack Perry defeated Luchasaurus at AEW Full Gear in a Cage match.

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