Renee Paquette Says She Used To Memorize Talent’s Promos Before Segments

Renee Paquette shares how she used to prepare for interviews backstage while working with WWE.

Paquette, who went under the name Renee Young in WWE, was best known for interviewing superstars backstage and in the ring. During her stint as a backstage interviewer, WWE was renowned for scripted promos. Paquette spoke with Vickie Guerrero on Excuse Me on how she would do her best to ensure the talent are in their element.

“That’s something I take into consideration, making someone feel like I have their back and if someone stumbles on a line or whatever, if I need to give them a follow-up question, just in case, if we have time to fill, if I’m trying to keep them on track or steer them in a direction of what we know the story is going to be.”

Sometimes, that happens, there would be times where, if there was somebody I was going to do a promo with, in-ring or a live backstage, and they have a two-page promo, I’m like, ‘there is a chance they get off-track and forget where they are.’ I would try to learn their promo as much as I could in case I needed to give a follow up question to get them back on track for what they needed to get out. It’s thinking on the spot, being prepared, and letting them know I can be there as a safety net.”

Renee Paquette to Excuse Me

Paquette is currently signed on to AEW where she fills the role of backstage interviewer among other roles. Time will tell how her role within the company will continue to run in the coming months.

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