MJF Refuses To Answer Any Questions: Thank You, F*ck You, Bye!

MJF is in a good mood, or is he?

Tonight at AEW Full Gear, MJF defeated Jon Moxley to become the AEW World Champion. Quickly into the start of the post-show media scrum, MJF showed his face, but that’s about all he did. He refused to answer any questions and said he will not answer anything about William Regal. He then, in typical MJF fashion, called everyone a mark and then ended it on a glorious rant.

If you wanna know anything about the most important man in professional wrestling, you gotta tune into the MJF show, that’s every Wednesday on TBS. You know damn well that it’s now destination tv. Now, here’s what’s gonna happen, okay, I’m gonna take a shower, I’m gonna get all this disgusting hepatitis A through Z off of me, and then, in the morning I’m gonna do what nobody else on the roster does cause I’m the only real fucking star here, I’m gonna hop on a jet and I’m gonna go to my goddamn movie set. Anybody got any questions? Huh? Just kidding. Thank you, fuck you, bye. Champs fucking out baby!


Enough said.

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