Mike Bailey Wants YouTube Star Jujimufu In IMPACT Wrestling

Could we see more YouTuber and wrestling cross-overs?

YouTube sensation Logan Paul has made a big splash in WWE, proving that he can go and be successful inside of a wrestling ring. But what about others? Recently, IMPACT Wrestling star ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey did an interview with MuscleManMalcolm where he says that he thinks YouTuber Jujimufu would do good in IMPACT Wrestling.

Are you aware of Jujimufu? He’s very famous for doing the full splits on two chairs holding a barbell over his head. He’s one of my favorite YouTubers. Absolutely love his channel, love his content. I think you know, he has an acrobatics background as well as being absolutely jacked. I think he’d do fantastic in IMPACT Wrestling.

– Mike Bailey via MuscleManMalcolm

Mike Bailey went on to talk about KSI, Logan Paul’s PRIME business partner, saying that he’d be good in wrestling as well.

Again, great shape, trained for a boxing match and I think still still boxes. So I’m sure he would be able to pick it up. But also, it’s the whole, you know, Logan Paul thing, where I think if you have the kind of work ethic that it takes to become a top-tier YouTuber, then taking on the challenge of pro wrestling is something you can do something you have the ability to do, and I think pro wrestling is not magic. It’s extremely difficult, but it’s not magic. I mean, anyone who tries really hard and is really talented can do it.

– Mike Bailey via MuscleManMalcolm

Would you like to see more YouTubers step into a pro-wrestling ring? 

H/T Fightful

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