Full IMPACT Wrestling Review for 11/17 Episode, Go-Home Overdrive Show; 3 New Matches Set For Overdrive and Countdown Show

— BTI —
Yuya Uemura takes on Andrew Everett. The match ends with Yuya hitting Everett with a running clothesline and then follows it up with a crossbody off the top rope that he turns into a pin when he lands on Everett. Yuya covers and picks up the win.

— IMPACTonAXSTV main show —

The show kicks off with Taurus taking on PJ Black as part of the X Division Title Tournament. We get Crazzy Steve introducing Taurus.

PJ Black gets in some good offense when he hits Taurus with double knees and then follows it up with a Double Stomp off the top rope.

Taurus hits DESTINATION HELLHOLE and wins! Black Taurus advances to the X Division Title match at Overdrive!

—Contract signing segment —
Frankie w/Traci Brooks sitting on one side, Josh w/Jade on the other side. Scott Damore in the middle. Both men sign the contract and Frankie says something to Jade about being prepared for Josh to lose the title, which makes Josh irate.

We go to the ring for the next Match. 4 team tag kicks off
Ace/Bey vs Aussie Open vs MCMG vs Raj/Shera

Bullet Club are making a statement early with some good teamwork.

Raj and Shera get some offense in. They seem out of place, but proving why they deserve to be in this match.

Machine Guns showing why they’re such a great team.

Aussie Open gets their licks in. Mark Davis with a huge one-armed powerbomb to Chris Bey and then he flips Ace Austin over his shoulder. Great team work that almost lands them the victory.

Bey hits Kyle Fletcher with the Art of Finesse, and Ace follows it up with a Fold into a cover. Ace and Bey pick up a huge victory ahead of their impending trek to Japan for the Super Jrs Tag Tournament.

After the 4 team tag match, we go backstage to Rosemary talking to Taya about Jessicka. Says she was last seen on tik tok, and she’s worried about her.

We go to the ring for Taya Valkyrie’s match against Tasha Steelz. Taya has Rosemary out with her, most likely Tasha will have Savannah Evans out with her.

Taya sets up ROAD TO VALHALLA, but Tasha tries to get out of it, but Taya turns it into a roll up pin and wins. Savannah and Tasha beat her and Rosemary down after the match. Jessicka makes the save!

After the Taya/Tasha match, we go backstage to Tommy Dreamer and Josh approaches him. He says he trusts Bully Ray right now until he gives him a reason not to.

We go to the ring for Maclin taking on Tommy Dreamer in an Old School Rules Match.

Tommy Dreamer breaks out some more weapons already. Baking sheets are aplenty and Dreamer rolls back part of the padding at ringside. He attempts a pilerdriver to Maclin onto the exposed floor. Maclin gets out of it and throws Tommy into the ring post. Maclin then gets onto the ring apron and nails Dreamer with an elbow drop.

Maclin with the kendo stick, a tribute to ECW original SANDMAN!

Maclin hits Dreamer with K-I-A onto a pile of chairs and covers for the victory.

Maclin sets up a table in the corner of the ring and gets ready to put Dreamer though it. Bully Ray makes the save, which brings Moose out to battle Bully.

Maclin and Moose team up on Bully. They’re just about to put him through a table when Josh Alexander hits the ring to make the save. Both mean put Maclin through a table. Bully then picks up the IMPACT World Title and holds it, starring at Josh. Josh picks up the Call Your Shot trophy, and they swap.

Backstage, Gia Miller is sitting down with Masha Slamovich ahead of her match with Jordynne Grace tomorrow night at Overdrive for the IMPACT Knockouts Title.

This interview was phenomenal because Masha was speaking Russian and it made her way more badass than we’ve seen.

We go back to the ring where Rich Swann and Laredo Kid are set to do battle.

Laredo Kid with a sick combination after avoiding a 450 splash from Swann.

Rich Swann with the bounce off the ropes into a Cutter on Laredo Kid.

Swann wins with a 450’Splash of his own.

We go backstage again to Taylor Wilde. Mickie approaches and says she’s excited to finally step into the ring with Taylor, but that she asked Taylor not to get involved last week. Taylor said she wanted her to lose fairly if she was going to, and then mentioned that she wants to be the one to retire Mickie.

We get a great video package hyping Frankie Kazarian ahead of his Main Event match against Josh Alexander for the IMPACT Wrestling World Title.


Sami comes out and is immediately attacked from behind by Violent By Design members Deaner, Big Kon, and Alan Angels. Sami gets busted open already.

Sami has the upper hand momentarily.

Eric Young gets busted open on the ring apron.

Sami Callihan wins and leaves Eric Young laid out in the ring. Violent By Design stands over Eric as the show ends.

VBD get out of the ring and leave Eric laying there in a puddle of his own blood.

Tune in TONIGHT to Overdrive and Next week to see what remains of Violent By Design!

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Countdown to Overdrive:

#1 Contenders Match for IMPACT Tag Team Titles

-Chris Bey/Ace Austin vs Motor City Machine Guns

6-Man Match
-Mike Bailey vs Kenny King vs Bhupinder Gujjar vs Jason Hotch vs Rich Swann

Matches announced for Overdrive so far:

IMPACT World Title
-Josh Alexander (c) vs AEW star Frankie Kazarian

IMPACT Tag Team Titles
-Heath & Rhyno (c) vs Major Players (Matt Cardona/Brian Myers)

IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Titles
-Death Dollz (c) vs Tasha Steelz & Savannah Evans

IMPACT Knockouts World Title – Last Knockout Standing Match
-Jordynne Grace (c) vs Masha Slamovich

Vacant X Division Title Match
-Trey Miguel vs Black Taurus

Tables Match
-Moose vs Bully Ray

Mickie James vs Taylor Wilde

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