The Hard Times of the NWA

Long ago, the initials NWA meant something in the world of profesional wrestling but that is no longer the case. Previous model of the NWA as a governing body of wrestling in the United States and as a channel for promotions to work with each other; obviously the NWA is no longer this and it’s just another promotion in wrestling.

NWA since the 90’s and because of several factor has lost of the power it once had and now it’s just a promotion. Many people have tried to make the NWA great again but with no success on that front; and decisions in terms of booking as well as bad luck have played somewhat of a factor on this.

Billy Corgan has been the owner of the NWA since 2017 and success hasn’t been part of the promotion. The promotion has slowly grown in some aspects, but in others is pretty much the same as it was before Corgan’s purchase of the promotion. Powerrr, the YouTube show of the NWA, was hot for a couple of weeks but quickly lost the attention of people due to the obsession of bringing back the wrestling studio style of the 80’s the NWA was known for; most wrestling fans weren’t alive when that style took place so it felt very out of place in today’s wrestling. Another mistake was having the services of Jim Cornette on commentary.

The NWA lives of the nostalgia of something it no longer is and most fans weren’t alive when the NWA actually meant something in the world of pro-wrestling. The only thing that they have that still means something is their world title because of the long history it has. Nick Aldis monopoly on this title and terrible booking decisions did damage the belt and the NWA in hindsight; like Aldis not like AEW and refusing any opportunity to work with the promotion, something that we did see with the women’s title with Thunder Rosa and Kamille on different opportunities.

Empowerrr was one of the best shows of the Corgan era of the NWA and had the bad luck of people not purchasing the PPV, especially from the stopwatch people. Ever since this turn of events, Corgan has made terrible comments on why we don’t see another empowerrr show and talking about a non-existent NWA style. Talking about style when Murdoch or Tyrus are your world champion is not the best of looks for Corgan.

Crowning Tyrus as NWA world champion was a mistake everybody knew it was going to happen. The attention that would get, mostly negative, was something Corgan was not going to miss; especially for a promotion that struggles to be the talk of the town on social media and on any circles in wrestling. Corgan got what he wanted when social media reacted to Tyrus as the new world champion but this will not translate to buys or more eyes to his product. The only thing he’ll get is the visual of Tyrus with the NWA world title belt on Fox News.

The NWA is just a brand lives of nostalgia of nothing it no longer is. Sooner or later, someone will buy the NWA from Corgan, and with most likely being WWE. WWE already owns the library of the good old days of the NWA and having that trademark for merch purposes makes sense and having the IP and library together would be logical for WWE. AEW could be a choice but the current library of the NWA is not worth the money for Tony Khan and having a dead IP as the NWA is not the smart choice.