Exclusive: Colby Corino Speaks On His DeathMatch With George South

A match you thought would never happen, happened.

Colby Corino battled George South in a DeathMatch last year at WrestleCade. A match many people would’ve never expected to happen, but it sure did. Now, Colby Corino sat down with and spoke about how that match went from a locker room joke to a reality.

It was actually just like, told as a locker room joke. George was sitting over in a different locker room and the one locker room that I was in, it was like me and the Dawson brothers and I was like, “you know what would be funny? If I asked George South to have a DeathMatch with me” and they’re like “Oh, haha! Go do it! Go do it!” So, like a few other people heard what I was talking about and they all followed me to George’s locker room and it must’ve been a funny visual, like a crowd of people of like 10 people following me to go hear George’s reaction to me asking this question and I was like “Uh, hey George, do you want to do a DeathMatch with me?” And he goes, “Well, buddy, if we build to it!” And I was like “Oh, oh okay” and I thought, for a solid month or two, I thought he was just joking with me and every time I would reference it he would just give me some answer that was like “Oh yeah, we’re gonna do it, buddy, we’re gonna get there!” And I always thought it was a joke and then we really started like, building towards it and he was like, the line that he said to me was, I was like “George, are we really going to do this?” And he said “Buddy, as long as the art is good, it don’t matter what we’re painting with!” And after that I knew he was 100% down and he was serious about it. 

– Colby Corino via Bodyslam

George South has a DeathMatch against The King, Nick Gage coming up at WrestleCade on November 27th. Colby Corino also has a big match coming up this Saturday against Davey Richards for the MLW National Openweight Championship at NWA Hard Times 3 on FITE TV at 8PM EST. You can see the full interview with Colby Corino below.

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