FULL IMPACT WRESTLING 10/27 Review, Tag Team Division Heats Up, Aussie Open Returns


Laredo Kid vs Black Taurus in the X Division Title tournament.

Taurus hits Laredo Kid with the DESTINATION HELL HOLE and gets the victory.

We kick off the main show with Scott D’Amore backstage, former IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Champions Matt TAVEN and Mike Bennett approach Scott, talking about how they’ve been here with a purpose and Scott has tried to stop them at every turn. Scott says they don’t have to worry about that anymore and fires them both.

Next we go to another X Division title tournament match with Trey Miguel taking on a returning Alan Angels.

Trey hits Alan with the METEORA, but Alan kicks out and Trey can’t believe it!

Trey hits Alan with the LIGHTNING SPIRAL for the victory. Trey advances in the tournament!

We go backstage to Bullet Club members Chris Bey and Ace Austin confronting Bully Ray, who’s hanging out with Tommy Dreamer. Both men continue to accuse Bully of laying out Ace Austin last week. Dreamer sticks up for Bully and this angers Bey, who challenges Dreamer to a match later. Dreamer accepts.

We go to another part of the backstage area where VXT and Gisele Shaw are talking about their match later tonight. All 3 women agree that they need to take out Mickie James once and for all.

Next up, we have Tasha Steelz w/Savannah Evans in a squash match against Rachelle Scheel. Tasha makes quick work of Rachelle, and then both she and Savannah beat her down.

We go backstage to new IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Champions – Heath and Rhyno – walking around. They’re approached by the Motor City Machine Guns, who want Heath to make good on his promise to give them a title shot. Heath says to talk to management and if they book it then they’ll give them a shot.

The Motor City Machine Guns go straight to IMPACT EVP Scott D’Amores office to ask for their title shot. They run into the Major Players also standing outside the office for the same reason. Scott comes out and says if they want a match then Cardona can take on Shelley tonight.

Next, we go back to the ring for Chris Bey being accompanied to the ring by Ace Austin, for his match against Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer is out accompanied by Bully Ray.

Ace and Bully both ready to get involved for their friend if needed.

Chris Bey with some good offense.

Dreamer hits Bey with a Cutter and tries to get the victory. Bey gets a shoulder up after the 2 count.

Moose is down to confront Bully Ray at ringside. While there, Moose trips up Chris Bey as he bounces off the ropes. Moose blames Bully and then disappeared to the back.

Chris Bey hits Dreamer with the ART OF FINESSE for the victory.

We go backstage to Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis – New Japan Pro Wrestling STRONG US Openweight Tag Team champs Aussie Open – who claim they’re back in IMPACT for tag team gold and they lay down an open challenge to anybody who thinks they can beat them.

In another backstage area, Bully is seen pacing around with Tommy Dreamer trying to calm him down. Bully talks about how he’s been trying to do things the right way since he returned at Bound for Glory, but he’s really tired of everybody accusing him of attacking Ace and saying nobody can trust him.

Now, we get the Major Players out to the ring as Matt Cardona takes on Alex Shelley of the Motor City Machine Guns.

Brian Myers gets involved from the outside.

Shelley goes on the defensive and then turns it to his advantage.

Brian Myers puts Cardona’s leg on the bottom rope from outside the ring as Shelley tried to get the pin. Sabin chases him around the ring. Myers runs away and slides into the ring on the other side and is met by Shelley; both men get revenge on Myers for getting involved.

Brian Myers again gets involved in the match on the outside by hitting Shelley in the face with his Digital Media title. Cardona takes the opportunity and rolls up Shelley for the victory. The Major Players beat down Sabin and Shelley post match and then are taken out by the champs, Heath and Rhyno.

We go backstage to Josh Alexander talking to Rich Swann about all the challengers coming his way. Gail approaches and says not to trust anybody in this business. Maclin jumps Alexander from behind. Kazarian makes the save.

Josh mentions Aussie open laying out their open challenge for next week and says they should team up for one night to take on Aussie Open.

Next, we go back to the ring for Raj Singh being accompanied by Mahabali Shera for his match against Joe Hendry.

Hendry hits Raj with a STANDING OVATION, and then covers him. Joe picks up the victory over Raj.

We get a video promo of Eric Young talking about Sami Callihan.

Up next, we get Gia Miller sitting down with the former Honor No More leader Eddie Edwards for an exclusive interview. Eddie says that Honor No More is done. Scott fired OGK earlier tonight, Vincent is in the hospital, PCO took out the whole group last week. Eddie says that PCO is a bitch and that he’s going to pay for what he’s done.


VXT & Gisele Shaw taking on Mickie James, Taylor Wilde, and IMPACT Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace

Taylor Wilde gets the better of Deonna Purrazzo

Mickie comes in with good momentum and after taking out Gisele Shaw and knocking Deonna off of the ring apron, Deonna trips her up and the momentum shifts.

All 6 women get involved in the action.

Mickie James gets clotheslined off of the shoulders of Deonna Purrazzo from Chelsea, who’s coming off the top rope. Chelsea goes for the pin, but it’s broken up by Grace and Wilde.

Mickie is being double teamed by VXT again. They bring her up for a suplex, but Taylor Wilde slides into the ring and spears Deonna Purrazzo, and Mickie turns the half suplex into a MICK-DT on Chelsea. Mickie covers Chelsea for the victory.

After the match, we go backstage to Chelsea having a meltdown about losing to Mickie and insisting she needs to take Mickie out once and for all.

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