Tea & Tights – Euro Wrestling Special: Interview With wXw Head Coach Robert Dreissker’s Tea & Tights Podcast is back with a special Euro Wrestling episode, featuring an interview with wXw Head Coach, Robert Dreissker.

On this European Wrestling Special, Andrew welcomes wXw Academy Head Coach and leader of Amboss, Robert Dreissker to the show. Andrew talks to Dreissker about his early wrestling career, starting with wXw, working for Big Japan Pro Wrestling, teaming with Walter, working with a rookie Ilja Dragunov and more.

They also discuss the Return of the 16 Carat Gold Festival and the more recent World Tag Team Festival with look ahead to what’s to come at the 22nd wXw Anniversary in December & more.

You can check out the entire episode of our Tea & Tights Podcast via our YouTube Channel below:

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