New WWE Regime Offered Saraya A General Manager Role Prior To WWE Exit And More Details

It looks like the new WWE regime were looking for something for Saraya to do within the company despite her not being cleared to compete.

Saraya left WWE in July after her contract with the promotion expired. She would then join AEW and has since been reportedly cleared to compete in an AEW ring. Fightful Select now have reported some fresh details on Saraya’s WWE exit, including an offer the new regime extended to Saraya prior to her exit from WWE.

Even though Saraya, then known as Paige, was sidelined for the majority of her last five years in WWE, we’re told that there was some confusing messages sent regarding about her physical status, ability to wrestle, and the way that things went down.We’re told that Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis chose to not renew her deal when it expired, and when the announcement was made publicly by Saraya was when she was informed. Those that we spoke to said that Saraya’s deal was surprisingly low, and much of her outside projects were restricted to some degree.However, we’re told by those familiar with the situation that Saraya was actually offered the General Manager position by the new WWE regime, about a month after her deal was not renewed. That was a spot she held years ago, before WWE did away with authority figures for a while. However, higher ups also mentioned to her that if she ever wanted to return to the ring and wrestle, they would make that happen. There’s a lot of conjecture and rumors about WWE getting Saraya numerous doctors to get her cleared, but we’re told that’s not true — to the extent that WWE didn’t have her checked at all for a return to the ring, and Saraya actually went through three extensive health checks to gain clearance for an in-ring return herself. We’re even told that WWE wasn’t interested in bringing her back prior to the new regime, and wouldn’t sign off on X-Rays to have her examined, and that the case was closed as far as they were considered.

Fightful Select

Saraya got physical in a wrestling ring last week on Dynamite for the first time since she was forced to retire in 2017 due to longstanding neck issues.

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