The Fiend’s Return

The worst kept secret is finally out, The Fiend has return to WWE after being away for almost a year. The Fiend got a huge pop in his return on Extreme Rules, but reactions to him on social media were mixed by fans. The return of The Fiend means a lot of things for WWE and especially for the career of The Fiend or Bray Wyatt.

The return of The Fiend was an event with several weeks of build with clues in forms of QR codes and riddles related to a white rabbit. The clues were very obvious and easy to answer, which in hindsight made sense to ame the tease of The Fiend’s return more obvious for fans. WWE fans went on a rabbit hole solving the clues and trying to solve the mystery of it all.

The Fiend’s return opens several questions about what will Triple H do with him. It’s worth remembering that The Fiend before leaving WWE he was basically considered ratings poison every week, and with getting a lot of negative reactions to him on social media. The Fiend being away from cameras has helped his perception with WWE fans and was helpful to an extent for the reaction the riddles he made. Being away also The Fiend time to think of new ideas for his character, but if these ideas are good or bad is something we have to wait and see.

Looking at the clues and entrance of The Fiend, it all indicates that Wyatt won’t do too many changes to the character of The Fiend, and he’ll probably incorporate aspects of cult leader Bray Wyatt to the character. The new Fiend also seems to be inspired by the latest interpretation of the Batman villain The Riddler with all the clues and riddles.

Another character that seems to be an inspiration for The Fiend is the mad hatter of the Alice and Wonderland books, as well as the character of the same name of the Batman comics. This is not the first time Wyatt has been inspired by Batman comics, the Fiend mask was clearly inspired by the Joker’s face mask that took place in Detective Comics #1 in 2011. The relationship between The Fiend and Alexa Bliss also had parallels to The Joker and Harley Quin. So, there’s a good chance that The Fiend will be taking more inspiration form Batman comics for his character.

Another mystery regarding the return of The Fiend is the fact if Alexa Bliss will once again be involved with The Fiend. Alexa Bliss hasn’t really recovered from that run and would probably be best to keep both wrestlers apart. But there’s a good chance both will cross paths eventually and keep with their weird story.

The return of The Fiend has a lot of questions to it and what will Bray Wyatt and Triple H do with such a divisive character, especially now that we are in Halloween season.