Full BOUND FOR GLORY Review; Returns, Debuts, and Title Changes

The pre show – Countdown to Glory – opened with Brian Myers open challenge for his IMPACT Wrestling Digital Media Title.

The person who answered the open challenge was none other than free agent talent, Dirty Dango, formerly Fandango in WWE.

After a few minutes, Myers made quick work of Dango to retain his IMPACT Digital Media Title.

The next part of the pre show was Raven’s Hall of Fame Induction ceremony. Longtime friend and former ECW alum Tommy Dreamer was out for the induction.

Some of Raven’s speech…


Mike Bailey and Kazarian opened the Bound for Glory show. A true “first time ever” matchup. They tore the house down with a huge back and forth matchup.

AEW star Kazarian is out first.

The champ is out next with a cool “karate kid” type entrance where he breaks some wood boards with his feet.

Speedball with a big Moonsault!

Kazarian takes the “Naomi kicks” like they’re nothing and turns Bailey into a pretzel.

Speedball with the Twisting Shooting Star!

Speedball hits Kazarian with the Ultima Weapon, but Kaz is the first person to ever kick out of it.

Kazarian hits the Flux Capacitor off the top rope

After a series of moves, the match finally comes to a head. Kazarian puts Bailey in the Chicken Wing, which Bailey quickly rolls out of. Kazarian hits Bailey with a Slingshot Cutter and then attempts a pinfall. Bailey gets his shoulder up. What finally does Bailey in is another Chicken Wing, which Bailey taps out to this time.

Shockingly, KAZARIAN becomes the ANDNEW IMPACT Wrestling X Division Champion!

We go to Gia Miller standing backstage with Mickie James ahead of her match tonight with Mia Yim, in what could be Mickie’s retirement match.

Mickie takes on Mia Yim next. Mickie James out to her signature “Hardcore Country” theme.

Both women with a hard-hitting back and forth.

Mia hits Mickie with a Corner Senton for a near fall.

After a few more minutes, Mickie sees her opening and catches Mia with a MickDT. Mickie covers for the pinfall and victory.

We go backstage to NEW IMPACT Wrestling X Division Champion, Frankie Kazarian, pacing around talking about his victory and says he has lots of plans with the belt.

Next up, we have VXT (Chelsea Green & Deonna Purrazzo) putting their IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Titles on the line against the Death Dolls (Taya & Jessicka).

First out at the challengers, Death Dolls, and their brand new entrance theme.

Very short match. Mostly one sided.

The match ends when Jessicka hit Chelsea Green with the Sick Driver and then covered her for the pin and then picked up the victory for her team.

We go backstage to Mickie James talking about her victory and how the Last Rodeo will continue.

Next we have OGK (Mike Bennett & Matt TAVEN) defending their IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Titles against the Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley).

The challengers (MCMG) are out first.

Now come OGK…with a sneak attack!

Mike Bennett and Chris Sabin exchange offense, Sabin with a crossbody and a near pinfall.

Taven and Bennett with the double team

Machine Guns take control!

Big combo from the Guns, followed by a series from OGK

Great offense from both sides. Mike Bennett ends up super kicking Maria the ring apron.

Bennett Turns around to eat a superkick from Sabin. Matt TAVEN rolls up Sabin and leverages his legs on the middle ropes for a pinfall victory. OGK retain!

Call Your Shot Gauntlet gets under way, starts out with a returning Joe Hendry and Violent By Design leader, Eric Young.

Next in was Maclin, who teamed up with Young briefly to double team Hendry, until Rich Swann evened the odds.

Some pretty cool spots in this match. Both PCO and Savannah Evans are in the gauntlet. They both attempt to chokeslam each other. Then, national treasure Johnny Swinger makes his way out, escorted by Zicky Dice.

Killer Kelly is out, after Tasha came and helped Savannah. Kelly goes for Tasha, but also makes her way around the ring making sure to put every competitor on notice that she’s there.

A few really coo returns took place, starting with this one…

Former Knockouts Champion Taylor Wilde returned!

Former TNA/IMPACT Tag Team Champion Rhino returned!

Former TNA/IMPACT World Champion Bully Ray returned

Former IMPACT Wrestling Digital Media Champion Matt Cardona Returns!

After a big melee, the final 3 were Bully Ray, Maclin, and Bobby Fish. Maclin eliminated Bobby Fish, bringing it down to himself and Bully Ray as the final 2 competitors.

The match ends with Billy Ray hitting a Bully Bomb on Maclin and then gaining the pin.

The cameras catch up with the retaining IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Champions, OGK, and Maria.

Next up, we go to the IMPACT Knockouts World Title match, where Jordynne Grace defends against an undefeated Masha Slamovich.

Both women battle on the ring apron.

Great back and forth offense by both women.

Masha hits Grace with an amazing Canadian Destroyer, and a near pinfall.

Grace hits Masha with a suplex off the middle rope in the corner, immediately followed by a Rolling Though.

Jordynne Grace hits Masha with a Grace Driver off the top rope. Grace covers Masha for the victory.

We hear from Bully Ray following his Call Your Shot Gauntlet victory.

We then hear from Jordynne Grace following her successful IMPACT Knockouts Title defense against Masha Slamovich

Huge video package hyping Josh Alexander defending his IMPACT Wrestling World Title against former 2x IMPACT World champion, Eddie Edwards.

Both men are standing in the ring. Big fight feel to it.

Josh is down on the floor outside the ring. The referee begins counting.

Eddie hits Josh with a beautiful Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex.

Josh dives out of the ring and takes down Eddie on the outside

Eddie hits Josh with a Diehard Driver onto the exposed floor on the outside of the ring.

Josh with a Running Alabama Slam to Eddie.

Josh is relentless with the German Suplexes to Eddie

After a failed Boston Knee Party, Josh nails Eddie with a Styles Clash

Josh had it won with a C4 Spike…until Matt TAVEN pulled the referee out of the ring, and then Bennett knocked him out.

Huge exchange of strikes, just when Josh looked to be losing steam.

Josh hits Eddie with another C4 Spike and finally gains the pinfall.

Afterward, Honor No More comes out for a beatdown of Josh.

Bully Ray emerges from the back. He teases Calling His Shot, but helps Josh fight Honor No More off instead.

Bully Ray makes his intentions known to Josh Alexander.

The show goes off the air, and then comes back on briefly to show Bully Ray and Josh putting Mike Bennett through a table.

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