IMPACT Wrestling Knockout Tasha Steelz Talks Kiera Hogan Wanting To Explore Others Options and The Forbidden Door

Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan made up the tag team Fire N Flava while they were both running roughshod over the IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Division.

In a new interview with Cultaholic, Steelz discussed the split of Fire N’ Flava and how both of them wanted to try out singles runs.

“Kiera and I, we talked about it. It was just at a time in her career where she wanted to go outside the box a little bit and push herself more as a singles competitor. Me being one of the great friends I am, I had to support it. I couldn’t say ‘No, you have to stay here with me, we have to be Fire n’ Flava.’ We already accomplished being the two time Knockouts World Tag Team Champions. At this point, I think for both of us, we wanted to do a singles thing but stay as a tag team. At the same time, this whole Forbidden Door thing that was just starting.. it wasn’t in the women’s favor. If it was, most definitely Fire n’ Flava would have [taken] over AEW and IMPACT at the same time. But, it didn’t work out in our favor so it was just something that she wanted to do, [to] explore outside of IMPACT because she’d been there for four years and that was like her first signing in a major promotion. She didn’t get to explore what WWE was like or AEW was like or Ring Of Honor or anything like that, so it was just her time to explore and really show the world who the hottest flame was. She’s doing a great damn job at it cause miss girl is out there [on] Dynamite and Rampage. I’m right here supporting her, so I definitely love and appreciate her a lot.”

Full interview:

Tasha recently defeated Killer Kelly by DQ at the Victory Road LIVE event after Kelly choked Tasha unconscious with a steel chain.

Hopefully Tasha will insert herself into either a match at Bound for Glory, or she’ll appear in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match.

H/T Fightful’s Skylar Russell. Original Article here

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