Tony Khan Says He Will Address Saraya’s In Ring Status “At Some Point”

Tony Khan will comment on Saraya’s in ring status at some point.

Since debuting for AEW, Saraya has been under the microscope from many sceptical fans of her injury status related to a neck injury that forced her into retirement in 2017.

Speaking with Connor Casey of ComicBook, AEW President Tony Khan commented on the matter and said that he will, at some point, address it, but that it’s not something he can answer right now.

“I will, at some point, for sure address that and I think we’ll find out more about what Saraya is going to do in AEW, but that’s not really something I could answer here. But I think keep watching Dynamite tonight, Rampage on Fridays and you’re going to find out more about what Saraya is going to do in AEW,”

“It’s been tremendous. She’s awesome. She’s a huge star and she’s got a great mind for wrestling and she’s already had some really cool ideas and she also has such a great presence and her star power is going to be a real positive for us this year and going forward in future years,” 

Tony Khan to Comic Book

Time will tell when, if at all, we will see Saraya inside an AEW ring as an active competitor.

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