Ric Flair Believes His Last Match Inspired Ricky Steamboat To Do Better, Also Believes He Will

Ric Flair believes “The Dragon” wanted to prove he could do better than Ric in his “Last Match.”

A few short months ago, Ric Flair performed in his final match at 73 years old. The match would go down well, despite Flair faking a heart attack for a cheap pop, and while it wasn’t a barnburner, it ticked all the boxes for how Flair wanted to bow out on the sport.

However, during the most recent episode of his To Be The Man podcast (via AdFreeShows), Flair said he has no immediate plans to return to the ring while also commenting on Ricky Steamboat’s upcoming bout.

“None. When I say that it inspires me to want to do it again [they think I’m doing it]. I’ll stand by this, I wish I hadn’t said it was my last match. I don’t want to disappoint a bunch of fans by doing it again but I got myself in good shape and made one drastic mistake by not hydrating. I feel great. I feel like as long as you’re healthy and you want to do it than you should do what you want to do when you get to my age. I feel like we limit ourselves to what people think we should be doing sometimes as opposed to what we’re doing. I think maybe me wrestling in Nashville inspired Ricky to do it. He said, ‘What the hell, I can do that.’ And probably better. And he probably will. He’ll look better. He always has and always will,” 

Ric Flair on To Be The Man

On September 15 it was announced that Ricky Steamboat would be returning to the ring on November 27 for Big Time Wrestling. 

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