Eddie Alvarez reveals how he almost got trilogy fight with Michael Chandler to happen

Eddie Alvarez, who is now a free agent revealed how he was almost close to getting Michael Chandler to fight him for a third time.

Ever since Nate Diaz became a free agent, Alvarez found himself in the same boat after departing from ONE Championship. Alvarez sees value in a legends matchup with the Stockton, Calif., star, because it’s a rare thing to have two big-name fighters not tied to a major promotion.

During one of his free agency stints, Alvarez said he spoke to two-time Bellator opponent, and current UFC lightweight Michael Chandler about trying to set up a trilogy fight; they stand at a win apiece following two incredible battles.

“Nate is free, and I’m free, and this hardly ever happens,” Alvarez explained. “That happened with me and Michael Chandler at a certain time, and I called [him] on the phone and said, ‘Hey man, don’t go signing with anyone, let’s go walk into an office together.’ I think it’s more beneficial to walk in as a matchup to a promoter together, and that we can make a lot more money that way.

“He said it’s a great idea to me, and I left the conversation hopeful — then I didn’t hear from him, and I heard he re-signed with Bellator. I was discouraging. I guess you have to hope that your rival becomes your teammate at least for five minutes, but that didn’t work.”

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