NWA Pretty Empowered Surge Results (9/27)

The National Wrestling Alliance aired its a special episode of NWA Powerrr Surge, titled “Pretty Empowered Surge”, on September 27 on FITE TV.

You can read the full results for the show below.

– Marti Belle def. Madi Wrenkowski

– In an interview, Pretty Empowered ask Kerry Morton and flirt with him a little bit.

– Dirty Sexy Boys (Dirty Dango & JTG) and Miserably Faithful (Sal ThePal & Gaagz The Gymp) def. The Spectaculars (Brady Pierce & Rush Freeman) and The Ill Begotten (Alex Taylor & Jeremiah Plunkett)

– Pretty Empowered introduced Roxie as their third member as part of their “Pretty Empowered Plus” program. She expressed her excitement, and the reigning NWA World Women’s Tag Team Champions say that she should appreciate them.

– Rhett Titus def. Bestia 666 (w/ Damian 666) when Damian accidentally misted Bestia, and Titus capitalized by rolling him up for the win.

– Backstage, Pretty Empowered ask KiLynn King what it feels like to be the king. They say they don’t know much about being kings, but they do know about being queens.

– Handicap Match: The NOW (Vik Dalishus) def. Cyon (w/ Austin Idol); Austin Idol convinced Cyon to get counted out when he seemingly suffered an injury. hurt his leg during the match, and Idol encouraged him to get counted out.

– Following the news that Tyrus cashed in his “Lucky Seven” option, Kyle Davis announced that NWA will crown a new NWA World Television Champion. 10 wrestlers will compete in two five-person matches on this week’s episode of NWA USA, and the victors will face off in a singles match. The ten competitors are Ricky Morton, Jax Dane, Caprice Coleman, Jordan Clearwater, Da Pope, Anthony Mayweather, Marshe Rockett, AJ Cazana, Rush Freeman, and Max The Impaler.

– NWA World Women’s Championship: Kamille (c) def. Max The Impaler (NWA 74 Encore Presentation)

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