Shawn Michaels Doesn’t Believe Chyna Would Be A ‘Trailblazer’ In Modern WWE

Shawn Michaels doesn’t share the belief that Chyna would succeed in modern WWE.

Chyna served as Shawn’s valet and enforcer during their run together in D-Generation X. Chyna’s real wrestling accomplishments come after that stage of her career but she wrestled enough men to be considered one of the true trailblazers in women’s wrestling.

While speaking with The New York Post, Michaels stated that he believes Chyna wouldn’t have been a trailblazer in modern day WWE.

She would certainly have an incredible career — but I don’t know that she’d be the trailblazer today that she is if she were currently doing it today.

Shawn Michaels to The New York Post

Chyna would hold the Women’s Championship and the Intercontinental Championship during her career in WWE, while also filling in as the aforementioned enforcer for DX.

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