MJF Wants to See Oprah F*ck

Is it even that surprising?

Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF to his friends) recently appeared on Barstool Sports’ ‘Answer the Internet’ and tackled a variety of burning fan questions.

You can probably see where this is going. Wrestling fans are weird and the internet is a dark, dark place.

The first question was an easy one: Who’s hotter? Ariel or Jasmine?

“Does Ariel have legs yet?” MJF asked, which was a fair question. When the producer said she doesn’t have to have legs, MJF responded “But what if I don’t want her to have legs?” Which is also fair.

Following that (which he never actually answered but the obvious choice is Ariel [He is engaged to a ‘smoking hot redhead’, after all]) MJF was asked if he would rather be able to have sex with any 5 people for a year, or get to powerbomb whoever he wanted, whenever he wanted, for a year.

(We told you wrestling fans are weird).

“I literally do the second one year round,” MJF said. “So, I guess the first one.”

MJF was then asked which celebrity he would most want to see in a sex tape, and the answer was surprising but refreshingly honest, and we respect him for his bravery.

“See, my mind immediately goes to a grotesque place,” MJF stated. “Cause, like, I can look at any woman naked if I want to now. God invented the internet. So, I think I’d want to see someone, like, gross and fat.”

Friedman took a moment to really consider the question. You could see the lightbulb switch on over his head, and it lit up his entire face.

“I wanna see Oprah f*cking,” he finally offered. “That would be rad. So, MJF wants to see Oprah f*cking.”

And there’s our headline.

Speaking of the God-invented internet, MJF was asked if he would rather have his porn search history shared with his Twitter followers or his parents.

“Dude, post it on Twitter,” he said. “I don’t give a shit. Yeah, I don’t talk to my parents. They f*ckin’ suck. Hate ’em.”

Which is sad.

When the producer pressed MJF on his porn preferences he was, once again, refreshingly honest.

“Just normal, classic, like MILF, step-sister, f*ckin, like, DP shit,” he offered. “I’m a man. [So], just normal shit that everybody else looks up.”

We actually didn’t know what DP porn stood for, so we looked it up, via Urban Dictionary.

Moving on…

Sticking to the subject of unusual sexual proclivities, MJF was asked if he’d rather have sex with two midgets or two seven-foot-tall girls.

“So, this is interesting,” MJF said. “This is interesting. I like my women on the short side. But I don’t want them that short. Cause I’m nervous it would go all the way out the other way. So, I’m gonna go with the tall chicks, just so I don’t murder anyone.”

And who said MJF wasn’t thoughtful?

There were many, many other sex questions. Because wrestling fans are weird. You can see the full video below but it’s worth noting that MJF thinks he could beat up Russian kids, or just regular kids, he isn’t opposed to being wrestling’s first guy “with huge tits” (it makes sense in context, and also Goldust would like to have a word), and that he thinks Barstoool Sports host Brandon Walker “sleeps with little boys.”

All in all, it’s a fascinating glimpse into the mind of Maxwell Jacob Friedman.