Xavier Woods Becomes The New Host And King Of Attack Of The Show

Xavier Woods is now the main man!

Xavier Woods, Aka Austin Creed has been working for G4TV’s Attack Of The Show as a co-host. But, the main host Kevin Pereira, who’s been with G4TV’s AOTS since its start in 2005, will now be stepping away from the show. He has went on record to say that he will be gone for a while, but it’s believed he will be back eventually. It could be months, it could be years, but while he is gone, Austin Creed is now the new host of the gaming/comedy show. Host was awarded the Pickle King after Wednesday’s episode where they played pickle ball and Creed took the biggest bite out of the pickle. Creed is no stranger to being a king, but Attack Of The Show, welcome your new host, King Creed!

Best of luck to Kevin Pereira in all of his future projects. The greatest host to ever do it! AOTS will be taking a two week break for now, but Wednesday, October 5th, Attack is back!

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