CM Punk Reportedly Not Expected To Return To AEW

The two time AEW World Champion may not be returning to the promotion at all.

It looks like CM Punk’s time in AEW is at an end. Currently out with a triceps injury that would keep him off screen for the remainder of this year at minimum, Punk’s future has been in doubt with the company after the AEW All Out Brawl that was, by all accounts, started by Punk as he went off during the AEW All Out Post Show Media Scrum.

Speaking on an PWTorch audio show, Wade Keller reported that Punk is not expected back in AEW after the events of the AEW All Out Brawl.

“I think this is noteworthy but not surprising [that] he excluded CM Punk’s name as he talked about some of the biggest names who have held the title. That’s a bit of a tell. As I talked with Jason Powell yesterday about – I am not expecting CM Punk to wrestle in AEW again. I’m not saying it’s 100 percent sure thing but everything is pointing in the direction of some sort of buyout of his contract. We’ll learn more eventually about that situation,” 

Wade Keller

Punk returned to the wrestling industry last year, his run in AEW has lasted a year, with Punk winning the AEW World Title on two occasions. Time will tell if we will ever see Punk back in an AEW ring.

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