What Does WWE Stand For?

Is it time for WWE fans to once again ‘Walk With Elias’?

Elias has been off WWE TV for quite some time, with one appearance since ‘Ezekiel’ showed up on Monday Night RAW. However, it now appears that WWE have decided to bring back Elias’ original character, as Elias has internally replaced Ezekiel on the WWE roster. During his first run on the main roster, Elias garnered much attention due to his songs and despite being a heel, he developed a following in the WWE universe to the point when Elias asked fans what WWE stood for, the resounding cries of ‘Walk With Elias’ could be heard wherever Elias may be.

That being said, Ezekiel was a character that many fans enjoyed. It was an interesting dynamic where every fan knew the deal, but WWE played dumb outside of Kevin Owens. The rivalry between the two was a popular storyline during Vince’s time in creative but once Triple H took over, it looks like the character was dropped.

Now, with Ezekiel out and Elias back in, WWE have a chance to capitalize on someone who has proven to make gold out of a storyline that many would come across cringey or boring. However, fans took to the character due to Elias’ commitment to the bit. In terms of championships, Elias hasn’t held a single one. It may be time to pull the trigger on that on Monday Night RAW. While Lashley has been an incredible United States Champion, the heat that Elias could produce by winning via a guitar over the head would lead to an entertaining patriotic reign for Elias. For now he is currently off TV but is expected back some time soon. The fact of the matter is Elias has an uncapped potential as a musician and as a pro wrestler. It is time to use that potential and Triple H may be the perfect man to do that.

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