MJF to Sheamus: I’m Glad You Finally Figured Out How to Get Over

Maxwell Jacob Friedman may have multiple friends (and potential bosses) in WWE, but it looks as though Sheamus is not one of them.

The two engaged in a brief Twitter war of words on Thursday and this incident, like most bad things in this world, can be blamed on Baron Corbin.

Corbin first began the exchange by calling out Sheamus for being proud of his (excellent) match with Gunther-cum-Walter at Clash at the Castle.

“If you tell people over and over and over and over and over maybe they will believe it,” Corbin wrote.

Sheamus then pointed out that Sad Corbin has had very few bangers throughout his career.

Corbin opted to respond in typical Wrestling Twitter Heel fashion.

“Thanks for the info,” Baron wrote. “I’m not a mark so I didn’t read the issue. See if you can get Dave to retweet you.”

And Sheamus, ever the wisenheimer, responded by telling Happy Corbin to maintain the illusion that good guys and bad guys aren’t friends. But then, he opted to pull MJF into the fracas.

First of all, scarves.

Secondly, Sheamus began writing a check with his mouth (er, fingers?) that his bum may not be able to cash, because MJF naturally responded and that’s not typically a fight that one wants to pick. Initially, MJF went easy on the Celtic Warrior, simply stating that Sheamus’ burn was “sad.”

But Sheamus, never one to let a sleeping dog lie, continued to poke the bear (and yes, we know that’s two separate metaphors in one sentence but this is our website and we can do what we want).

“Who the fook is that guy?” Sheamus replied.

Well, Sheamus was about to find out exactly who MJF is.

“The guy you alluded to,” MJF responded. “Stop now or I’m gonna devour you. You can rock 6 inch lifts and play top guy, but you’ve been handed the ball multiple times and fell. I’m glad you’re having a resurgence and finally figured out how to get over. It only took you a decade. Took me one day.”

As of this writing, it does indeed look like Sheamus has stopped. But it could very well heat up in the ensuing hours, days, weeks, months, and maybe even years. Maybe, just maybe, this was the first seed planted for an eventual feud between MJF and Sheamus. It’ll only take a couple years to get there. If not, by insulting MJF, Sheamus could be risking much of the IWC’s goodwill that he deservedly gained after his clash with Walter-cum-Gunther at The Castle.

This is all Baron Corbin’s fault.

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