Colt Cobana Talks About Scrapped AEW Figure, Family Bank Accounts And Takes Shot At CM Punk During Twitch Stream

Colt Cabana has been a big topic of conversation recently in the wrestling world after CM Punk aired some grievances with him on the AEW All Out media scrum.

Now, Colt has finally made a bit of response towards Punk’s comments on his twitch channel. Specifically, CM Punk mocked Colt for sharing a bank account with his mother. But, Colt is shrugging it off because his also famous brother shares a bank account with his mom too. Here’s what he had to say.

That’s a fun little tid-bit. My brother is the director of family guy, you can look up his name, he also shares a bank account with my mother

Colt Cabana via twitch

Colt bas also recently tweeted about his hopes to get a AEW action figure. During the twitch stream, Colt was asked about getting a figure, to which he claims he was supposed to, but things got messed up. This is what he had to say.

There was supposed to be one, officer. There was supposed to be one. And then, yes, it all got fucked.

Colt Cabana via Twitch

Hopefully one day, Colt will finally get that long overdue figure to complete the Dark Order set. But, it seems this is all Colt has to say about the chaos that went down All Out weekend.

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