Dolph Ziggler Says Triple H Is The Best Guy To Lead WWE Creative

Dolph Ziggler thinks that Triple H is the best guy to lead the WWE creative team.

Speaking about Triple H’s new role as the man in control of WWE creative, Dolph Ziggler told Baby Huey of the In The Kliq podcast that he is the perfect person for the job, recalling Triple H helping him during his time in the Spirit Squad.

“Triple H has been in the system from start to finish, helping young guys out in NXT, helping us out backstage, hell, even when I was in the Spirit Squad 15 years ago, he and Shawn Michaels were helping us out,” Ziggler began. “So I think it’s a great fit. That’s the guy to do it. It’ll be a fun way to just switch things up a little bit for us. But I mean, we’re surrounded by some of the greatest minds in the world. We’re very lucky, my — I would say, teammates, because we all kind of work together to put on this awesome show. There’s something special about having all this talent, all these Superstars, all these great minds behind the scenes, and when it comes together as this group effort, it can become something special. It’s the greatest thing in the freakin’ world when it goes great for us.”

Dolph Ziggler on The Kliq Podcast

The pair had a memorable match in 2016 on Monday Night RAW. While Ziggler has gone on to do many great things in WWE, many fans still believe he has been underutilized by the promotion.

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