Edwards Overcoming Usman Was amazing – But Not The Most Unexpected Result We’ve Seen In UFC!

Edwards overcoming Usman was amazing – but not the most unexpected result we’ve seen in UFC! 

MMA is huge across the world and many people regularly tune in to the latest UFC action. As with top wrestling championships like WWE and AEW, the action in UFC fights is intense. Of course, the added bonus with UFC bouts is that they are unpredictable, spontaneous and unscripted.

A great example of the kind of shock result this can bring is Leon Edwards’ awesome knockout victory over Kamaru Usman at UFC 278 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The British fighter snatched victory in the last few seconds of their headline bout to take the UFC welterweight crown from Usman. The high left kick he sent in to knock Usman out will be a blow UFC fans will remember for a long time to come.

Shock Edwards win big for sports bettors too

Although this result was an exciting upset for fans to watch, it would also have been welcomed by anyone who put money on the British fighter to win. Edwards was the underdog going into the bout and you would have got good odds on him emerging triumphant. If you had also put this individual bet into a parlay bet with others that came off, it would have been even better.

For those who do not know, parlay bets are when you take an individual wager and combine it with other individual bets for better potential returns. As well as UFC, these types of bets can be very popular in other major sports. As shown at, the NFL is a popular example of this.

Although The Rock’s reaction to Edwards winning shows what a shock result this was, it is not the biggest upset ever seen in the UFC. But what other bouts top it?

Matt Serra defeats Georges St-Pierre

In the mid-2000s, Matt Serra was known on the UFC circuit for being a decent but not truly great fighter. After moving through the welterweight field in series four of The Ultimate Fighter, he was rewarded with a title shot against someone still seen as a UFC legend – Georges St-Pierre.

St-Pierre had established a fearsome reputation by then and pretty much everyone had him down for a straightforward victory. Serra, though, kept his nerve and knocked out his opponent in the first round to upset the odds. Many people believe it is this unexpected victory that helped Serra to be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame in 2018.

Peña Beats Nunes at UFC 269

If you thought that Leon Edwards’ stunning UFC 278 win was something to shout about, you will love the win Juliana Peña bagged against Amanda Nunes at UFC 269. It is fair to say that Peña was a real underdog going into this fight and not someone that many thought could really trouble Nunes.

When you consider that Peña was coming into it from just a one-fight winning streak and only seemed to have trash talk to offer, this is easy to understand. Nunes was widely seen as the greatest female UFC fighter at the time as well! This made Peña’s second round submission a true shock and a result that made waves on a global scale.

Michael Bisping shocks Luke Rockhold

UFC 199 is an event that went down in MMA legend due to Michael Bisping’s surprise defeat of Luke Rockhold. The major reason for the surprise was that Bisping had just 17 days to prepare for the bout! In addition to this lack of preparation time, Bisping has already lost to Rockhold in a previous encounter. This left most people sure of a Rockhold win and not giving Bisping much chance of taking the UFC Middleweight title.

Bisping, though, did not listen to the doubters. Instead, he stepped into the cage and knocked out his opponent to take home the title. This made him the first ever British UFC champion and really caused people to take notice of him.

UFC has plenty of surprise wins to look back on

There is no doubt that Leon Edwards’ shock win against Kamaru Usman was not an outcome that many fight fans would have predicted. The same is true for the other surprise results seen in top UFC bouts over the years. This is what makes MMA, and the UFC in particular, so exciting to follow. Fans never know quite what will happen in any contest and never get bored with following the action.