Spoiler: AEW Rampage Results – 9/9/22

AEW Rampage is taped from Buffalo, New York and will air on Friday, September 9th on TNT at 10pm est. If you do not wish to see spoilers, don’t go any further. You’ve been warned.

AEW Rampage Results:

  • Sammy Guevara defeats Darby Allin after Anna Jay distracts the ref, allowing Sammy to hit a low-blow on Darby and then hit a power-bomb on Darby onto his Skateboard, which Tay slid into the ring. Sammy then hit his modified GTS finisher for the win. Sting was not ringside for Darby. Sammy rode Darby’s skateboard down the ramp after.
  • Samoa Joe is back and cuts a promo in-ring. He introduces himself, it feels good to be back in AEW. Owes the fans much more violence in the future. The ROH TV champ is in the house and open for business. Smart Mark Sterling, Tony Nese and Josh Woods interrupt. Josh Woods says since he saved Mark Sterling’s life on AEW Dynamite, he deserves a ROH TV title match. Joe agrees and wants the match right now. Mark Sterling intervenes and says not in Buffalo, next week in Albany, New York instead.
  • Miro cuts a on-screen promo, he says God is a fraud, his gold hangs around the waist of other men and he should be in the AEW title tournament.
  • Serena Deeb defeats Madison Rayne via submission with a half crab.
  • Jade Cargill cuts a promo saying that she did exactly what she said she was going to do at All Out.
  • PowerHouse Hobbs cuts a promo saying The Factory couldn’t get the job done against Ricky Starks, so he put Ricky Starks 6 feet deep. He’s the monster, Powerhouse Hobbs.
  • William Regal promo. Says he hired Dax Harwood and knows how good he is, but he’s not as good as Claudio. Dax knows the odds but this is how he feeds his family. Tonight he’ll be the ROH world champion. Top Guy, out. This was the pre-match main event promo. So of course, Enough talk, it’s time for Mark Henry’s catchphrase!
  • ROH World Title Match: Claudio Castagnoli defeats Dax Harwood via submission with a sharpshooter. Cash Wheeler was not with Dax. Regal came out with Claudio. They got some good time on the main event. After the match, Claudio thanked the fans for staying for Rampge and gave props to Dax. Dax Harwood on the mic, he says he has a 6AM flight. Says we probably can’t understand his accent but he’s damn proud to be a part of AEW. He thanks the crowd for allowing him to make a living, tells the fans he loves them. Tony Khan thanked the crowd and wished them a good night.

Thank you to Bodyslam contributor Joe Kent for the results.

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