Eric Bischoff Says Punk’s “Whiney Ass Meltdown” Bigger Deal Than Actual Fight

You knew it wouldn’t take long before the former Executive Director of WCW (and former producer of Scott Baio is 45… and Single) made his feelings known on the whole CM Punk/Elite/AEW/Tony Khan/Ace Steele/Larry the Dog/Cupcake Bakery debacle.

And while audiences wait for a new episode of 83 Weeks, in which Bischoff is sure to take a victory lap around the remnants of AEW, he gave Twitter a brief glimpse into his opinion on the whole matter.

And, truth be told, that’s a hard point to argue. Professional wrestling has certainly seen its share of fights, melees, and fracas. There’s been scissors, and squeegees, hair pulling, and uppercuts. Real fights are almost as big a part of professional wrestling as the fake ones.

But CM Punk sitting right next to his boss, seemingly burying not only his fellow-talent, but actual executives in the company, and having Khan awkwardly nod in agreement is not something that one sees every day.

There are a lot of questions going into this Wednesday’s Dynamite, and we know that at least some of them will be answered soon.

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