Drama, Egos & AEW

Pro-wrestling is the weirdest sport or form of entertainment in the world, for better and worse. Drama is and will also be present backstage in pro-wrestling. Egos, incidents and drama are key to pro-wrestling as much as the moves and storylines.

Drama has been an interesting fuel for pro-wrestling since its beginnings and will continue to be. Some of the best pro-wrestlers of all time created magic due to having beef with their opponent, the best-known example is Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels; both wrestlers are water and oil but created magic by using their personal feelings about the other inside the ring.

AEW backstage looks to be an all-out (no pun intended) war and with a lot of people not getting along. This is the first time AEW and particular Tony Khan have to face these types of situations inside of the pro-wrestling business. The current events will serve to see how Tony Khan deals with this and learns from it.

The most talked about subject in the world of pro-wrestling is the fight between The Elite (Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks) with CM Punk and Ace Steel. There’s a lot to take from it, the internet sure has with the amount of takes and memes made about it. As more information about what happened comes out, opinions will change or remain the same.

Tony Khan needs to address the situation with both sides of the conflict immediately. Suspensions need to be made the same way they did in the case of Eddie Kingston’s situation. A separate subject on all this is Ace Steel, who should no longer be working for AEW, and should consider himself lucky not being in jail.

One topic some fans bring up is why not firing (x) or (y), but there’s the fact that both CM Punk and The Elite are major acts of AEW and keeping them especially as AEW enters their renewal year for their TV deal, it would make sense to keep both sides, for now at least. Unless any of the sides really wants to leave AEW after what happened.

If Tony Khan is able to manage the situation and calm both sides, a feud between both on TV would be a money angle, but it’s too early to speculate with this, especially if Tony Khan decides to suspend wrestlers for what happened. This is a subject what needs to be talked on a later time.

AEW right now has a lot turmoil backstage, and they need to address the situation ASAP, things are escalating very quickly, and it’s better to hold the bull by the horns before it gets out of hand. Only time will tell how Tony Khan addressed the situation and if he was able to find peace once again in his locker room.