The Importance of a Main Event

The most important match in any PPV or wrestling show is the main event, this is common knowledge to every wrestling fan, as well as any wrestler or promoter. A bad main event can destroy a good PPV and this is what happened last Friday at Clash At The Castle PPV.

The finish of the world title match between Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns is yet another example to what happens when you mess up your main event. The match that we saw last Saturday was too similar to that of Lex Luger and Yokozuna at Summer Slam 1993; especially the aftermath.

Clash At The Castle looked to be one of the best WWE PPVs of the year, fans and media were raving about it on social media, WWE and Triple H just had to deliver on the main event to seal the deal…. but that didn’t happen and this could be the hint of what’s to come regarding Triple H’s run as head booker of WWE.

To start, yes, the result between Roman Reigns against Drew McIntyre was predictable. No one was really expecting a title change, especially when the plan is for Roman Reigns to have a match with The Rock at WrestleMania someday. But the way the way they did it doesn’t help Drew McIntyre at all, in the same way it didn’t help Lex Luger in 1993.

The match started pretty well, the show up on till that point was pretty good and with a hot crowd ready for the main event. The crowd inside exploded when they heard Broken Dreams (McIntyre’s previous WWE theme) during his entrance. Reigns also had a good reaction for a heel champion. The ingredients were there for a memorable main event to close a really good PPV.

It all felt apart from the start, Roman Reigns matches since becoming the head of the table have two things in them: long monologues from Reigns during the match and spamming finishers like a local indie looking for a cheap pop. It also didn’t help that Roman Reigns, yet again, retain the title by interference and this time by the interference of Solo Sikoa. Just another Roman Reigns match.

After the match, the crowd was not happy and they even starting chanting “AEDUB” a clear sign fans didn’t enjoy the result and how it came to be. Having Drew McIntyre singing after losing a WORLD TITLE match was reminiscent of Lex Luger celebrating after beating Yokozuna by count out but failing to become WWE champion. It’s worth mentioning that Lex Luger never recovered from that, and Drew McIntyre could be on the same path as Luger.

Drew McIntyre looked a major geek after that debacle, but the good thing for him is that most people didn’t expect him to win the title so the damage to him isn’t as big as in Luger’s case. What Drew McIntyre does next will help him or not recover from this major blow.

After the show was over, all what people could talk about was the aftermath of the show, instead of the pretty much good PPV they witnessed. This show also showed weaknesses regarding Triple H’s booking, the same ones witnessed during his run as head booker of NXT.