Genichiro Tenryu Hospitalized Due To Spine Injury

Independent wrestling promotion Tenryu Project, founded by its namesake Genichiro Tenryu, announced on September 2nd that Tenryu is currently hospitalized due to a cervical spinal cord injury. Ayana Shimada, the daughter of Tenryu, was the company official to make the announcement.

“I would like to inform you that I am currently in the hospital. The burden on my body that I have been carrying over many years of active life has recently become noticeable as a symptom, and it is not a new injury,” Tenryu continues in a statement through the Tenryu Project’s website. “According to the doctor’s diagnosis at this time, the risk of sudden death is extremely high as a possible situation due to the pressure on the nerves. Rest is required, and treatment and follow-up are also included.”

Shimada noted in the same statement that Tenryu Project will “report again” on Tenryu’s body but the main priority is Tenryu and his health. It’s said that the hospitalization is to make sure that the complications that may threaten Tenryu’s life are kept to a minimum.

Tenryu is widely considered one of the greatest Japanese performers in the history of professional wrestling. He wrestled across the world for four decades between All Japan, SWS, WAR, NOAH,NJPW and brief appearances in WWE. His memorable matches include contests with talents such as Randy Savage, Jun Akiyama, Kenta Kobashi, Ric Flair, Nobuhiko Takada, Stan Hansen, Shinya Hashimoto among others. Perhaps is most notable match in the States took place at WrestleMania VII when he teamed with Koji Kitoa in a victory over Demolition. Tenryu became IWGP Heavyweight Champion at Battle Final 1999 with a victory over Keiji Mutoh. He also held the NWA United National Championship and PWF World Championship simultaneously in 1988. He won the Match of the Year award from Tokyo Sports on nine occasions with the first coming in 1987 (vs Jumbo Tsuruta) and most recent coming in 2015 (against Kazuchika Okada). Trained by Dory Funk Jr., Tenryu is one of the most pivotal figures for the techniker style and one of the biggest puroresu legends in the industry.

Bodyslam sends nothing but the best to Tenryu and hopes for a speedy recovery. We will keep you as up-to-date as possible on his condition.

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